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Ucingitam’s and Imah’s Engagement

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Zombie attack!

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Getting Your Feet Wet

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A ritual performed by Tutong, or Tutong-born, bride or groom during their wedding ceremony. More ably explained here.

And oh, it was the first outing for Dorothy. 😉

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Congratulations to Shikin & Pg. Anak Kadir

Shikin & Pg. Anak Kadir

Hoping to be happy until children and your grand children and beyond. Thanks Jim747 for the invite to the wedding reception.

Rozi’s Wedding

Present photogs that I recognized were David Cheok, Wang Lai(I think…) and Ucingitam, and one more from their team which I didn’t catch his name. The rest, around 2 or 3, including myself, were just taking photos for practice. And oh, I made sure I wasn’t in David’s line of sight.









Brunei Royal Wedding Procession Part 2

DSC_0009_009_edited DSC_0010_010_edited

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Trying to do the Photojournalism type of shot here. The “Blurred people passing infront of the interest piece” type of thing.

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DSC_0065_065_edited DSC_0083_083_edited

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Jim747 and Zadm, as they were walking from the general Istana Area towards Bandar.

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DSC_0161_161_edited DSC_0173_173_edited
The Photogs after a long day. Battered and bruised.

Click on the images for the bigger pictures.

The set is at:

Brunei Royal Wedding Procession Part 1







I’ve basically put up this post especially for these two ladies. I saw them at the Royal Regalia junction waiting for the procession to start, around 10.30 am. Trouble was, their flight was at 12.20pm and they needed to be at the airport at 11.00am and they definitely gonna miss it. So I told them they could catch the pictures here. If you ladies are reading this, definitely leave a comment, ok?

Wedding Bells

I’m not gonna start covering weddings anytime soon, but it’s nice to expand my horizons a bit. And you wouldn’t know which photog you gonna meet there, so it’s a bit of a surprise.