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Camera Alley

Camera Alley

Teh Tarik Kaw

Jing Chew pow wow sessions won’t be complete without the usual drink. One SB 800 fired from behind and a Pentax flash fired from camera rightm, slightly above.

Blitzkrieg Post: JC Open House

More here. It’s good to be back.

One Night at Reeda’s

Nikon D70s with 85mm f/1.4
Mix and Match.

Reeda invited a bunch of the shutterbugs over for some light food, some light drinks, and some heavy, heavy laughter. Present: Me, RezaFaizal and missus, UcingItam and significant other, Jim747, Rano, Airbiscuit, CPS and missus, God’s Gift, Nikonian, Ber, Ahim and the host Reeda and the missus. A whole slew of topics were put on the table, alongside the cameras, lenses, flashes, and various bits and bobs.

Great night.

More here.



While talking about camera stuff on our Jing Chew session, a family consisting of an elderly couple and someone that looks like their granddaughter took a table next to ours. The man had an elaborate tattoo which I couldn’t keep my eyes away of, and I was surprised that he made small talk to me, which I happily obliged to.

The woman told a story how the tattoo got there, which just piqued my interest some more. It’s rare to see an elderly man to have a nice tattoo such as that, it’s even rarer to see it on a Bruneian, which made me get up the courage to ask for a photo as I found the story quite remarkable. He agreed, but without a shot of his face.

85mm Cream Maker

Queueing for a shot Sigmonster? Bollywood Aim

How to convert Canonites

Bring a Nikon D80 with the 50mm f/1.4 attached, and wirelessly strobe the hell out of things with an SB800 Speedlight. Having an 80-200mm f/2.8 as backup, and having another Nikonian bring it the big guns, i.e. D200, also helps somewhat.







Ucingitam, Zadm, Bruneian, Anakbrunei, and artyeo with his D200 was there.