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2013 just went by in a flash

Almost went for a whole year not posting anything… My bad…

Masjid Selat Melaka


If you’re wondering where have I been these past few months, I’m actually doing guest posting on

To those contacts in Melaka that I’ve passed my name cards, and wondering where the articles I’ve supposed to do, you can find it over at You can find the list of the articles I’ve done here: Please do check it out!



A path among the trees


This was taken almost exactly one year ago, while I was taking my Japanese friend who was undertaking a backpacking trip all over Asia. I am still rather surprised she made the trip all the way over here. Maybe I should return the favour and visit her there.

This shot was taken after coming down from the knee shaking experience up above the canopy.

B?n Thành Market, Vietnam


A slice of Saigon life, one zebra crossing at a time.

It’s quite hard to explain how the traffic flow in Ho Chi Minh City to my friends without them uttering disbelief. When I said that people just cross the road without needing the traffic to stop, I see that tiny amount of disbelief in their faces. I find that this photo is a perfect representative of the hectic hustle and bustle of HCMC, also known as Saigon.

At the start of this write up, I’ve said that this is a slice of Saigon life, and if you study the photo carefully, you will find the odd tourists looking for direction on their maps, uniformed officials, well dress workforce, and the blur of motorcycles far outnumbering their four wheel counterparts. And in the background you can find the famous B?n Thành Market, a marketplace where you can find tailored $20USD silk shirts alongside stalls selling the local delicacies.

I’ll do a full write up soon on my Tripping, which I can give you tips on what stuff to do or get to make for an awesome experience. I’ll go about it in chronological order starting with Thailand.

I think I should post something about my recent Trippin’ eh?

I have a looooot to talk about but man, where to start? Maybe this photo would be a good teaser as any. This was taken right beside Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh. Lovely city. Would love to tell you all about it soon.



Went to KL almost a month or so ago, to do a coverage of Didi and Khalil’s wedding there. Did quite a number of things over there, of which sightseeing and being a tourist was one of them. Wouldn’t have gone to the Aquaria at the KL Convention Centre if Nikki and Mashee didn’t drag me out there. But it was good times anyway, snagging the above photo made the RM38 entry fee just bearable.

Ok, list of things I did there this time.

1. Rode on a bike during a wedding coverage. Weirdest, moment, ever.


2. Finally got to visit YL Camera at Pudu Plaza. Had to sneak out really early for this, so I wouldn’t get dragged out for shopping. Truly a mecca for photographic fiends everywhere. Ask for anything here, photography wise, they’d surely have it, if not at the back, it’d be upstairs in their other unit(!). Got some lightstands for me, and a servicing for my camera body. Ask for these stuff from other retail shops in the big shopping centres in KL, I’d bet you’d be met with a blank stare.


3. Stayed at other places than Bukit Bintang; stayed somewhere near Jalan Masjid India, and then moved out to a posh hotel at Mid Valley, called The Gardens. The area where we stayed initially is particularly good for my early morning wanderings. I frequently visit a small shop selling top ups for the Malaysian telephone line (those things run out pretty quickly if I may say so.) and stop by the numerous mamak eateries dotting the place. A lot of things to shoot really.


4. Met a lovely model over laksa, and shot another.

All in all, quite a fun experience, and I’m honored to be able to cover Didi and Khalil’s wedding events, from Brunei all the way to Senawang. Wish I could join you guys in Amsterdam!

KL Trippin’ New Years


I’ve just realized I haven’t posted quite a lot of Trippin’ photos lately, as I have not been out of the country with the camera lately. So in an effort to bolster my Trippin’ collection on this site, I’ll have to regurgitate some photos I’ve taken from my New Year’s trip to KL.

As I was waiting for everyone to return from their shopping, initially I tried to sleep off the afternoon to lessen the effect of the previous boat/plane/bus/LRT ride, but how can you when KL is beckoning just downstairs? So with camera in hand, I set out to explore a bit of Jalan P. Ramlee, and what it has to offer.


Instantly as I set out of the apartments, this was waiting for me at the shoulder of the intersection. Composing it against the background of blaring lights and music, sets off a tone of normalcy against the hectic city life. Great area we stayed in actually, stalls just down the road, a small grocery shop (important!) and a great Indian eatery just a bit of walk away down a small road, where I get my breakfast everyday while everyone’s still out of it on their beds.


I find that I’m a bit reluctant to shoot on the streets of KL. While the other lads are more than happy to hang around and shoot their hearts content along Jalan Bukit Bintang, I still feel a bit concerned about whipping the darn thing out in public. My lenses aren’t actually tiny, save for the 50mm and the 105mm, but I tricked myself that I’d be more inclined to shoot in public only if I have the 50mm with me. I’d have done so too, if we weren’t too busy shopping and eating! Yeah, show me to the nearest Adidas boutique or sports apparel shop, I guarantee you you’d find a shopaholic in there (me!).


Oh I wanted to try the steamboat after a long night of partying, but at 3AM, it was already gone. Darn.

Just a Little Bit More…

Having the resolve not to turn back early on is a great way to have the resolve not to turn back when you’re almost at the top.

Long Way to the Top

Time and time again, life has proven that getting to the top is arduous and a difficult task, but the feeling at the top more than makes up for the hardship.

More photos coming up soon.