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Wasai Wong Kadir pt. 1

DSC_3981 (by SoulJah)

A light drizzle greeted us from our slumber last Sunday, which was to be our biggest trekking outing for the Forum members. Doubts were cast, wondering if the rain will persist the whole day, and if the weather would clear just about enough to permit us to go nature trekking up into the hills of Wasai Wong Kadir. A quick drive over to HSBC Jerudong, where the decision to go ahead or not was to be made; quick glances on all the faces to see if any disapproval to go ahead for the drive over to Labi, somehow, we all just loaded up into the transports, and a non verbal agreement was made to decide later after the drive over the the state borders.

After the drive down to Sungai Liang to meet up with the KB chapter of our forumites, the light rain still persisted. I proclaimed I’m going up regardless, and if everyone’s still up for a trek in the rain, we go ahead; and anyone who decides against it can sit it out. Almost all were in for it, seeing we just had a long drive over, might as well. After a quick prayer, we set out slowly, meandering through the slippery trails, over branches, on slippery moss covered rocks, in the light rain, with the cool surrounding air the whole time we were there.

After a good 30 minutes trek, we were greeted by the cool water of the Wasai, and some of the Forumites decide to reward themselves with a dip. Hardly anyone could resist taking even dipping their feet into the cool morning water, and under the guise of ‘taking a good composition for the photo’, yours truly went with tripod in hand into the water to take a couple of photos.

It was worth it.

Meragang Pier Trek

0013_NIKON D300_DSC_8230 (by SoulJah)

0020_NIKON D300_DSC_8267 (by SoulJah)

Paradise Found: Kuraman Day Trippin’

0060_NIKON D300__DSC0596 (by SoulJah)

Man, Kuraman is like the Venus sculpture. It’s beautiful overall, but looking at it closely reveals imperfections. I’d go back if not for the one hour long ride on a small boat. My whole body was sore from the boat ride, and I think I swallowed too much sea water that I’m still nursing my sore throat.

More pics here:

Meragang Trek Sneak

0001_NIKON D300_DSC_8274

Backlog Update: Colours of Meragang

NIKON D300_0013__DSC5068

NIKON D300_0014__DSC5073

NIKON D300_0027__DSC5108

NIKON D300_0028__DSC5109

NIKON D300_0047__DSC5199

NIKON D300_0043__DSC5190

More and more, the hiking bug is starting to bite, as images such as these warrants an hour or two hike up and down a beach, braving treacherous waves and small streams, for the chance to take that killer shot.

Story on the last two photos: I’ve been eyeing a spot along the inner area of Meragang Beach on Yahoo Maps/Flickr’s Map facility, and when we got there, it was a disappointing marshy area, with the water completely hidden under the tall grass. Not being one to get disheartened so quickly, we set out to hike up along the beach, and to my surprise we found this area devoid of a crowd, where the river meets the seawater. I’ve completely forgot about it during the hike (the 3pm heat does fry the brain matter somewhat) but the discovery was at least the highlight of the trip. I might organize a camping trip there in the near future.

p/s: The last two shots were taken closest to Muara, on the west portion of the beach. You can check out the map here: Click on the satellite link to see the map.

The set can be found here.