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TESL Brunch Affair

NIKON D300_0084_DSC_7176

NIKON D300_0136_DSC_7251

I don’t know, but I think the whole thing seemed like a party for the shutterbugs! Lovely models, which were more than willing to strike a pose. Thanks guys for the invite. You can count on me to cover more of your events!

To the TESLians, please e-mail me for the link, as I have kept your photos in a private area of my Flickr account. E-mail me at nizam [no spaces] rahman [@t] gmail [dawt] com.

I Believe I Can Fly

NIKON D300_0004_DSC_6660

For the TESLians, thank you for the invite. Now the arduous process of uploading all the pictures. Stay tuned.

Backlog Update: Consumer and Food Fair at the ICC

NIKON D300_0021_DSC_3253
She’s rather cute.

NIKON D300_0027_DSC_3279
Battling it out on Guitar Hero III.

NIKON D300_0078_DSC_3523 crew showing off Rock Band to an appreciating crowd.

NIKON D300_0103_DSC_3708
The had a huge screen projected with the images of the PES2008 multi-tap match, which was a huge crowd puller.

NIKON D300_0104_DSC_3717
It was as if they were cheering for a real football game. The match ended with an upset of last year’s winners, 5-0.

NIKON D300_0115_DSC_3793
The unassuming winner of the Guitar Hero III tournament.

Many more pictures here.

Baby Shower?

NIKON D80_0009_DSC_0176
Lighting Setup for a workmate’s Mandi Belawat.

Strobist info: One SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the left in the frame, one SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the right behind the camera at 1/4. Reflected off of the white ceiling and wall.

Another two SB800 was in the area behind me as well, the same diagonal, two cross light, cross room setup. It allows me to move everywhere easily.

I think this shall be my go to lighting set-up from now on.


Did a shoot for Lust’s clothing line a while back. They have some great tee’s. Check ’em out at

Ucingitam’s and Imah’s Engagement

NIKON D300_0074__DSC1368
Zombie attack!

More here.

Black Beauty

Hello, there, beautiful.

After huffing and puffing at QQestore, I finally got it on Thursday, around 7pm. Drove over from home as fast as I could, as careful as I can with squinty eyes from my screwed up contact lenses.

Bling Wheels

Just had to incorporate some Strobist stuff in there somehow.

Puteri Gunung Ledang

Taken way back in July.

LufBru Summer Games Strobing Highlights