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One of those photos that says, “Hey, you’re not doing too bad in this photography thing…”


Featuring Caa Salleh. Make up by Naqiyah Ishaaq.




It has been a while…

DSC_4920 It has been a while that I posted anything under the Modelling category. Of course, again, featuring Ryda. This is a collaboration with my decidedly awesome make up artist partner in crime, Q of GosipdanGincu fame. She’s offering basic makeup classes, so do go check it out!

RBA Hari Raya Celebration

0009_NIKON D300_DSC_9474 (by SoulJah)
Group photo of the organizing committee.

0028_NIKON D300_DSC_9526 (by SoulJah)
Interesting patterns…

Last Thursday was the most gruelling coverage I’ve ever done. From 8am to 5pm, a 9 hour shoot, capturing the happenings and goings on at the RBA Hari Raya Celebration. With the theme of Balik Kampung, the RBRC Sports Complex was transformed into a Kampung scene, complete with a live band, a fence off dance area, which was sadly underutilized, else it’d make for a great photo op. Top it off with a great Gambus band outside, which belted out a Gambus-ified version of Santana’s Black Magic Woman at our request. Great, great event.

More will be posted soon with a link to the complete set. As of now, the upload’s at 20%.

High Key

0052_NIKON D300__DSC8994 (by SoulJah)
Did a quickie shoot with Suzianti, a former co-worker of mine, and all around hot chicka. Took all of one hour. Thanks babes!


I Mean The Snakes
Awesome, awesome band. Did this shoot after the long day of shooting at Bandar, where I netted my monitor lizard photo. Informed at 5, ready to shoot at 9. Sometimes I’m surprised of my dedication to this art.
Did a shoot for the IMTS guys last night. Afterwards, they rocked out with their latest material. Great stuff.

Strobist Info: 2x SB800 shoot through white umbrella both on the left and right shooting at 1/8, and 1 SB24 clamped behind them on the railing at 1/16. Fired via GI remotes.

Burned some stuff out in CS3. EDIT: Noise Ninja-ed and David Hill-ed as well.


0034_NIKON D300_R5DSC_4553 (by SoulJah)
The New Adidas Predator. Which didn’t actually bestow me with super soccer abilities, but hey, the guy gave me a good price. More here.

Turns out, most of my officemates are Adidas freaks as well. Kick ass.

Shoot Featuring Shik Part 0.5

0023_NIKON D300_R5DSC_3050-Edit
This was actually shot before my previous post, during my two-week photo-holidays.

Strobist Info, One SB-800 on the left, another SB-800 on the right, both with diffuser cap on, firing at 1/1 each. Triggered via CLS, held by two voice activated lightstands for run and gun purposes. Processed through Photoshop CS3.

Shoot Featuring Shik

0009_NIKON D300_DSC_5798 (by SoulJahtream)
A quick shoot, at a new location. Looks like my location list have expanded. Even I get bored of Tungku if I keep shooting there all the time.