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Lighting 102: Assignment – Cooking Light


Lighting 102: Light Controls Overview

  1. Varying the Position – as anyone who have seen my recent outings, they will know that I’ve been experimenting with this. But as my left hand is attached on my left hand side, therefore my lights are coming from… well… the left. That’s the disadvantage working without a model. But anyway, even the basic act of taking it off the camera, the flash is already giving a much more deeper dimension than on camera flash can ever give.
  2. Varying the Apparent Size of the Light Source – even with the flash on camera, I’ve been using reflectors covered with grey reflective gaffer’s tape, so the light source is looks much bigger. My umbrella haven’t gotten much use though, gotta get out and use it more.
  3. Altering the Relative Intensity – David’s quote: “This is a sticking point for a lot of people, so we are gonna hit it hard.” I’ve only used -2 underexposure for most of my shots, but I’m betting I can get more better pictures with a proper ambient ratio.
  4. Restricting Light – This is the most fun I have with cereal boxes and coroplast sheets. I’ve been making a number of snoots and gobos and grids during my free time or during boring TV shows so it’s rather an added benefit to me.
  5. Refraction and Reflection – This one I’m most excited about as I haven’t had a chance to go into details into this topic.
  6. Altering the Color – I’m guilty in this regard. I usually leave off my gels in the bag pack, so I’m excited for this one as well.
  7. Time – I’m not very familiar with this one, but I’ve been experimenting with Repeating lights, Rear curtain syncing off camera etc.

Never have I felt giddy to start a class before in my life.

Lighting 102: Introduction

I’m planning to take up Lighting 102 this year conducted on Strobist, and follow along the lessons with my photos taken with techniques taught on each subject to be posted here. Discussions will be held on the Strobist Flickr group with course materials available on the Strobist Flickr pool.

Wanna take a class with me?