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Blitzkrieg Post: Softball Open House

More here. Looks a tad underexposed… I’ll post another processed on later.

LufBru Summer Games Strobing Highlights






Brunei Fencers Off to Shanghai


10 participants and 4 supervisors from the Brunei Darussalam Fencing Federation departed from Berakas International Airport last Monday for Shanghai to participate in the 2007 Asian Fencing Championships to be held in September at Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

In 2006, members of the team returned from the 8th SouthEast Asian Fencing Championship in Manila with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. In Nantong, they will undergo training; and ensuing games is in preparation for the upcoming 24th SEA Games to be held in Thailand.

LufBru Summer Games Preview

1202 out of 2147 images. A total of 16 hours in a sweltering gym. Estimated 2.5 gigs of final JPEGs. 4 strobes doing the heavy lifting in a light sucking gym. Images I got for Yas? Priceless.

For everyone else, $10 each for the DVD’s.

DangGanazzz posing for a group photo.

The Winning Goal
Lutfi with the winning goal in the finals.

DangGanazzz on their way to a win
DangGanazzz in their final game.

Best Player for Futsal
Best PlayerTop Scorer for Futsal from Team BocaCardiff Devils. [Thanks Lutfi]

Best Player for Netball
Best Player for Netball.

The winners for the Futsal side, Team BSU.

LufBru Comittee and Volunteers
The LufBru committee and volunteers.

Full set (2.50 GBs worth) will be on DVDs. Leave a comment with your phone numbers (which will be hidden from public view) and I will call you for details.

Saffron vs. Ranoadidas


Couldn’t get lots of good pictures as I forgot to bring my Wireless Triggers for my flash, so all I could do was use CLS, which meant line of sight, which meant I can’t fiddle my camera around to get good angles as this would definitely block the CLS signals. But in any case, I had to make do with what I’ve got, which meant practice some more in case my wireless trigger do fail, which I half heartedly expect them to during a shoot.

More here:

Saffron vs. Muara Gas



Match ended Muara Gas 69 – Saffron 32.

More pictures here:

BSM Ladies Softball Finals






Game ended Divas 25, Pasadena 13; even after a valiant effort from the Pasadena side.

More here:

BIBD Invitational Netball Tournament

After having a rough day the day before, it’s good to know that a brief stint of photography outing can restore the cheer in me. Wasn’t really looking forward to it considering, but it turned out great for me, and I get to practice before an actual event that’s coming up, and I get to practice some Strobist techniques.

While I can’t replicate some of the techniques I’ve read up on Strobist, as there was no overhang behind the net, and sticking it clost to mid court was impossible as well due to the heavy traffic of people and the refs officiating the game. There was only one or two metres clearance from the sideline to the walls, so space was limited. Improvise? There’s a ledge right near the net area to one side which extends to a doorway which was not used, and as it was right in the corner, I know I won’t block the view of the spectators. You can see it in my second shot. I aimed it at around the middle of the half court on a tripod, so the light would be evenly spread from the net at its nearest end, and will at least tickle the light above ambient on the other end.

The other strobe was on the light stand as far away from the action as possible right at the corner. This pointed at the same area as well. Was triggering with my G.I. remotes, but intermittently, the flashes will not fire. This could be time to replace the batteries in the receivers, and also I would need to mod the receivers so it can fire at a higher percentage when I’m at the other end of the court.

Free movement around the court, and armed with f/2.8s, ISO800, I got quite good results. Grainy as heck, but it looks oh so crisp and detailed. I might go and do some aggressive NR with these pics in the future. Here’s a selection of pictures in portrait form. Some more pics can be found here:

002_DSC_0013_processed 005_DSC_0028_processed 008_DSC_0032_processed 026_DSC_0087_processed

030_DSC_0100_processed 040_DSC_0136_processed 041_DSC_0138_processed 042_DSC_0140_processed

052_DSC_0166_processed 053_DSC_0167_processed 059_DSC_0186_processed 060_DSC_0190_processed

066_DSC_0215_processed 081_DSC_0065_processed 089_DSC_0109_processed 091_DSC_0117_processed

092_DSC_0135_processed 094_DSC_0145_processed 096_DSC_0173_processed 103_DSC_0005_processed

114_DSC_0064_processed 123_DSC_0008_processed 125_DSC_0015_processed 126_DSC_0026_processed

130_DSC_0053_processed were the champions for the day! The final game was rather exciting and nail biting, but they hold
off the BIBD team when they mounted a comeback. came away with a close scoreline.

The champs having a photo with the guest of honour.

The runners up having a photo with the guest of honour.

More here:

Go-Kart Race at Jerudong Park on 6th May, 2007

After the morning TT session at Jing Chew with… wait for it… Bruneian, AnakBrunei and missus, Zadm, Ber (who left as I was arriving), Airbiscuit, Jim747, hjzul, RezaFaizal and missus, Nikonian, and the ever knowing Rano, (phew, that’s a long list)… me, Airbiscuit and Jim747 decided to go ahead with Rano’s suggestion of a Go-Kart/Cub Bike/Mini Bike race at Jerudong Park’s Go Kart track. It was awesome grounds to practice panning shots. Hey, what’s more fun to pan with than a relatively slow moving auto race? Got great images out of the whole deal. What a way to spend my 24th birthday.

Gentleman… Start your engines!

Preng, preng, preeennnggg!!

Hehe, cute…


Panning shot experiment.



I love the reflection so much that I had to crop it down in the last two pics.

Working in the pit.

Brake assembly.


Another experiment.

Must be Ferrari Go-Kart.

Masked Rider #1!

Masked Rider #2!

The set is at

President’s Cup Softball Tournament

Went with Airbiscuit to cover the Presidents’s cup. It was rather scorching, if it weren’t for some sunblock, I’d be in lobster agony by now.

Black Arrows Pitcher at the 8:00 game.

Some mind games were going on.


The lovely Umpress? Or is that Umpiress?


Strangely, bunting was an acceptable strategy.

After the Wildcats seen one too many protests goes in favor of the Go Divas! team, they went ahead and forfeited the game. This is the Go Divas! at their unique winning celebration.

At the end, it was all smiles for the camera.

The 11:00 game with the QD Vixens at bat against the Comets.

An adjacent game. The name escapes me at the moment.

Lots of cringing moments. Just imagine a stray ball heading for your lens!


In the shade, with the shades.