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Nobody Knows It, But You’ve Got a Secret Smile…

Kemuda Institute and Brunei Darussalam Aids Council Concert at Asma Hotel Preview

0001_NIKON D300_DSC_1435 (by SoulJah)
I Mean The Snakes!

Wow… I won…

KHAIRUL_NIZAM_entry_3 (by SoulJah)

This won me first prize for the local youth competition! And I’ll be going to Singapore to the Asean + 3 Youth Festival representing Brunei with this photo! Awesome! Theme of the shoot for that day was Global Warming.

Caption: A monitor lizard inspects an intruder to his habitat.

Description: The use of water bottles has exploded in recent years due to the convenience of having bottled water at the ready for daily use. Numerous companies in Brunei have wholeheartedly embraced this growth market and introduce their own brands of bottled water. The bottles are actually recyclable, but either due to public indifference, or ignorance, the water bottles are unceremoniously discarded. If it doesn’t pose a direct threat to wildlife, an indirect effect of that would be global warming due to the increasing use of hydrocarbons to produce the PET bottles; it has been noted that recycling plastic material amounts to a saving of more than 50% than producing the bottles from their source materials.

Top Shutterbugs Awarded In Photography Competition
By Adriana HAC

Bandar Seri Begawan – A prize presentation ceremony for winners of the recent photography competition which carried the theme ‘Global Warming’ was held yesterday at the Youth Centre in the capital.

The competition was organised by the Youth and Sports Department in cooperation with Brunei Darussalam Photographic Society.

Present as the guest of honour was Haji Mohd Zali bin Haji Arshad, the Assistant Head of Youth and Sports Officer.

The ceremony began with the recital of Surah alFatihah led by Ustaz Suprapto bin Komari followed by a brief speech from the Head Judge of the Brunei Darussalam Photographic Society, Haji Mohd Yusof bin bin Haji Mohd Yassin.

The top five winners were announced during the ceremony followed by the handing over of certificates of appreciation to all participants.

Mohd Khairul Nizam bin Haji Abd Rahman was adjudged as the winner while Mohammad Taufiq bin Yakub came second. In third place was Mohamad Mahadzir Iskandar bin Zakaria followed by Dyg Hazimah binti Abd Hamid and Haji Abdul Azim @ Haj Mu’az bin Haji Tujoh.

The winner will be representing Brunei Darussalam for the “ASEAN+3 Youth Festival Photography Competition” in Singapore from July 28 to Aug 3. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?
More from the National Day 4×4 Mini Flag Distribution Ceremony and Procession here.

Backlog Update: Consumer and Food Fair at the ICC

NIKON D300_0021_DSC_3253
She’s rather cute.

NIKON D300_0027_DSC_3279
Battling it out on Guitar Hero III.

NIKON D300_0078_DSC_3523 crew showing off Rock Band to an appreciating crowd.

NIKON D300_0103_DSC_3708
The had a huge screen projected with the images of the PES2008 multi-tap match, which was a huge crowd puller.

NIKON D300_0104_DSC_3717
It was as if they were cheering for a real football game. The match ended with an upset of last year’s winners, 5-0.

NIKON D300_0115_DSC_3793
The unassuming winner of the Guitar Hero III tournament.

Many more pictures here.


NIKON D300_0129__DSC4268
Out in the distance I saw this old lady walking carefully, bare feet, on the slippery pathways of Kg. Ayer, walking along oblivious to my presence with her face hidden in her relatively huge umbrella. This small, old lady was heading to a Surau or Prayer Hall which I just passed a couple of metres behind me. We were about to reach an intersection at which point, 3 young lads were just coming home from a futsal game. She immediately stopped, which I thought was peculiar.

Turns out she was letting the three young lads pass beside her. I figured I didn’t wanna keep her waiting there, so I immediately stepped aside to the intersection where the kids came from to let her through.

At that point, it was kind of humbling to see this little old, frail lady was performing her duty as a Muslim, and even made the effort to go for prayers at the Surau in the rain. I snapped a couple of pictures of that moment, to remind me of her.

Before setting off, I eyed her, just to make sure she reaches the sheltered pathway to the surau, so as to get her feet out of the slippery area.

Man she reminds me of my grandma way too much.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix pt. Trois

She was quite popular with the kids that day.
Face painting was also quite popular, with a constant stream of kids and adults coming in and out.
Human Foosball was also another attraction. This kid is way too cute to know what the hell’s going on.
0019_DSC_0050 (by SoulJah)
Cute kid.
Even though it’s human foosball, the celebrations on a goal was almost like any other football game.
She was enthusiastic, and keep on going for the ball the whole game.
A little break in the action as the rain sets in.
Everyone was taking shelter.
Glad that I did. Found another model.
Well, it’s not hard to get anyone to pose really.
But I rather like candids like this.
Well, unless they have a cute smile.
‘They see me rollin’, my stroller… Tryna catch me riding dirty…’
‘Nobody knows it, but you’ve got a secret smile, and you use it, only for me…’
A whole lot of models waitin’ in line. A great turn out by the bikers, taking the kids on a ride around Bandar.
The only time I wished I was still 10.
It’s hard to be inconspicuous with a huge lens.
Riding off.
I thought this would be the last picture of the day. I went off for lunch shortly after this, but when I saw the Stormtroopers roaming around the place, I went back to my parking space, and paid for another hour of parking just to catch em.
It turns out, that this was in fact, the guy who went to the 501st Legion march during Macy’s parade last year in New York. I was utterly and totally, geeked out at that moment.
The bikers having a go at the obstacle course.
They were really gunnin’ for it.
And everyone was laughing all the way to the end, with their friends cheering them on.
There weren’t any paddings at the other end of this drop.
Posing with the ‘troopers.
As requested.
Met King there as well, his bike was among those lined up.
As the bikers were yelling out, “A White Tiger is coming through!”

More pics at the HSBC Charity Grand Prix set.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix pt. Deux

Halt, who goes there!?

The set is still uploading. Patience.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix


More to come.



While talking about camera stuff on our Jing Chew session, a family consisting of an elderly couple and someone that looks like their granddaughter took a table next to ours. The man had an elaborate tattoo which I couldn’t keep my eyes away of, and I was surprised that he made small talk to me, which I happily obliged to.

The woman told a story how the tattoo got there, which just piqued my interest some more. It’s rare to see an elderly man to have a nice tattoo such as that, it’s even rarer to see it on a Bruneian, which made me get up the courage to ask for a photo as I found the story quite remarkable. He agreed, but without a shot of his face.

85mm Cream Maker

Queueing for a shot Sigmonster? Bollywood Aim