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How I Wasted an Hour of My Life in a Line at Fun Donuts

No Photos Please. Syeah right...

I’ve finally resolved and made up my mind that I will stand in line at Fun Donuts, however long it might be and take home some donuts. I joined behind a guy wearing Cara Melayu, which I guess was a bank worker during the lunch time break and Friday prayers break. In any case I thought I’d presevere and wait out the line.

The first alarm came on in my head seeing the display cabinet that was supposed to display the donuts was empty. I thought maybe they’re doing brisk business, so I guess they sold out all the morning’s lot. I chalked it up as good business, and thought nothing of it.

The second alarm came on seeing they had a lot of boxes at the ready with notes in them, which looked like phone orders coming in and they’re frantically filling those orders. Ok, I thought I might do the same next time, and maybe get their phone number after I got my box of donuts.

Then the series of alarms came up when people had to wait at the counter for the donuts to be done from the frying and the decorating. And even then, after every batch done, they would be snapped up by the other customers in front of me. All of it in some instances. The word I described that act is not fit to print, but hey, they’re entitled to it as they waited in line as well before me.

Then came a couple of people just blatantly ignoring the 15 to 20 strong line and just casually pick up their phone orders. The magnitude of under the breath curses increased, but I reasoned I should’ve done the same.

This was all while I was in line for 10 minutes mind you.

Then came the next fresh batch of donuts. 6 or so, none went into the display cabinet, it all went to the people at the counter and some went to the awaiting boxes denoted for the phone order. This would happen 8 or 9 times during my standing in line. Ok people still have the right to do that, and I even contemplated to do the same, but as I looked to the people behind me, they might think I’d be an asshole, so I figured just spread the wealth and pick whatever is left at the counter, and have one or two of my own choosing.

NIKON D300_0013_DSC_6786

Problem is the counter is still empty, and the ones that are there, was like meh. But it’s ok, at least if I can get some chocolate covered donut fix I’d be fine. Inch by inch, and at last I came to the counter.

Then I think the final wailing siren came on when one of the lady at the counter non chalantly ignores the guy that was right in front of me that ordered some items from the menu. She just nodded for a bit when the guy said his order, loses interest, and sinks down to behind the counter. Odd… I thought…

Then I finally snapped when they stopped all their activities, and one of the cook behind the counter lifted out what looked like the conveyor that cooks the donuts (for a predetermined time) and start tinkering with it. Everyone had a concerend look on their faces, not knowing what to do. I knew something was wrong as I had a direct view of the chaos, and the inactivity, if that makes sense. And then came the request for me to stop taking photos, as if they don’t want the world to know about the debacle.

And all they had to say was “Sorry ah…” and some other things about not taking orders and not knowing when they can start back up again.

I walked off and yelled “F- THIS S#!T!” which I guess startled everyone there, including the ones in line.

Next time you inconsiderate jerk faces want to do a business, do it properly. Hell, if I was a pissed off food safety officer waiting in that line, I’d shut your place down for improper food safety precautions. If I was a pissed off fire marshall, I’d shut your place down because of fire hazard. Hell, if I was a pissed off monkey, I’d fling poo to your premises. But I’m just a pissed off blogger, who demands respect for his time.

Don’t just have one machine to do everything. Good business sense should have a backup plan.

Don’t take orderes from the phone because it alienates and belittles the consumer who’s waiting in line for your product. Good business sense should value its customers, who are ready to pay, right in front of you.

Don’t think you can just make the donuts on the spot for customers. Because evidence shows you don’t have that capacity to do that. Good business sense should know their business capacity.

Don’t think just because you’re (in)famous you can do whatever you want to your customers. Good business sense should know the risk and fickle nature of Bruneian consumers.

I guess you jerk wads don’t have good business sense.

Blog Drivel

Wow, such eloquence.

When you insinuate that you might want to “slap” my “grateful parents”, you’ve just opened a can of worms there buddy. I’ve known a lot of good people coming from ITB, and they have moved on to contribute to the nation after going through the programs offered at ITB. But to say their parents are “stupids” and “bitter” just because their children didn’t get offered the chance to go abroad (that the writer might have squandered, by looking at his thought process) is beyond what is considered proper opinion.

Who’s better is not in debate here. With that, please, do sound off. I like to sample your opinion.

Imagine if you will… A Terminator Series…

Enough shivering yet? I saw the trailer for the upcoming series titled “Sarah Connor Chronicles”, and I have to say, I got chills running down my spine.

Take a gander for yourself. Then prepare to shed a tear.

Customs Woes

I was overjoyed this morning to get the SMS stating that a card detailing the items for delivery has arrived. While not my most favourite method of getting my items delivered (it’s being sent to the Muara’s post office because there’s the only place that do customs clearance on items) but it means one of two items that I’m eagerly awaiting has arrived, either my Mospeada Legioss kit or my Umbrella + Stand lighting kit.

Knowing that, I finished up what needed to be done at work and figured I’d take the chance to go early off work and head to the post office. Called up the post office (which I had gotten from them from my past dealings with them) and asked if they’re available during lunch. To my dismay, not only are they closing up shop at 11.30am (normal laziness on their part), but they are not operating in the afternoons, due to some fuck-stupid reason; closing accounts.

So if you guys are wondering where the hell your items are during the transit, chances are they are sitting in Muara’s post office, either forgotten they were supposed to be sent out, or due to utter laziness and stupidity, it’s tangled up in some weird red tape.

When the bug becomes a monster.

Have you ever driven around, merrily minding your own business, when suddenly you feel the urge to slam on the brakes, get out of the car, and take a photo of something beautiful? Have you ever felt like you need climb that hill, or scale that water tower to take the best angle of something that seems bland on street level, but would make an awesome shot from up top? Have you ever weighed the safety of life and limb versus the chance to catch the perfect moment in time?

Then you must be getting the photography monster. Not a bug, but a monster.

For me, moments like this comes beckoning not once in a while, but every waking moment of every waking day. You won’t get spectacular shots in the safe confines of a familiar environment. The spectacular shots comes from being able to be in the right place, at the right moment of time, and most importantly to us, the right amount of light falling onto our CCD sensors. To that effect, all three criteria can be directly attributed on where you, the photographer, are standing and where the camera is pointing.

I’ve slammed on my brakes and got out of my car to set up my camera just because the cascading sun light from the edges of the huge cloud formation looks almost like fingers descending from the heavens. I’ve camped out over-night in a rain soaked tent just to climb up a steep rocky hill at 4am to get photos of the sunrise pouring down from the Sarawak side to the Brunei capital, with cramped feet to boot. I’ve considered stopping at an elevated highway right here in Gadong just because I wanted to get a long exposure shot of the roadway below.

It’s apparent that the photography knowledge sharing conducted by Ahim Rani left a lasting impression on me. Angles, he said. Always get the angle that gets your message across. Even that e-mail forward that was posted online on a blog about the photographer jumping onto a rocky outcrop with just his camera and a plastic bag full of his equipment was an inspiration. That’s utter dedication to the art.

I’m not encouraging everyone to jump into traffic or go base diving with a dSLR, but we all know the limitation of the lens when it comes to capturing what we want to convey. If a different angle makes your picture stand out much more, why not. If a different tilt captures everything that you want in the photo, go ahead. If the message is easily absorbed by the audience, then all the more important.

Risking life and limb to get the ultimate shot is the sole reason most photojournalists can come out with timeless shots again and again. Some carry their SLRs into a battlefield. Some into tense riots. Others flying over the Serengeti with para gliders. Some onto aforementioned outcrops on top of hills hundreds of metres high. Some deep, deep under the sea. And every time we pick up a copy of National Geographic, we get a deep sense of emotion emanating from its pages. Not because of the words (initially), but because the pictures transports the reader to some place they have never thought to be in, the photographers lens becomes the window to other worlds far apart from ours.

And this is why the photography bug can sometimes become a monster. Sometimes we are too caught up that it may come back and bite you in the derriere. A stray step or an unlucky situation can, in fact, hurt you more beyond a broken lens. Remember, sometimes taking your eyes off of the viewfinder is a good thing. A story is no good if you can’t take out your memory card or your film at the end of the day.