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Baby Shower?

NIKON D80_0009_DSC_0176
Lighting Setup for a workmate’s Mandi Belawat.

Strobist info: One SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the left in the frame, one SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the right behind the camera at 1/4. Reflected off of the white ceiling and wall.

Another two SB800 was in the area behind me as well, the same diagonal, two cross light, cross room setup. It allows me to move everywhere easily.

I think this shall be my go to lighting set-up from now on.


Did a shoot for Lust’s clothing line a while back. They have some great tee’s. Check ’em out at

LufBru Summer Games Strobing Highlights






Congratulations to Shikin & Pg. Anak Kadir

Shikin & Pg. Anak Kadir

Hoping to be happy until children and your grand children and beyond. Thanks Jim747 for the invite to the wedding reception.

LufBru Summer Games Preview

1202 out of 2147 images. A total of 16 hours in a sweltering gym. Estimated 2.5 gigs of final JPEGs. 4 strobes doing the heavy lifting in a light sucking gym. Images I got for Yas? Priceless.

For everyone else, $10 each for the DVD’s.

DangGanazzz posing for a group photo.

The Winning Goal
Lutfi with the winning goal in the finals.

DangGanazzz on their way to a win
DangGanazzz in their final game.

Best Player for Futsal
Best PlayerTop Scorer for Futsal from Team BocaCardiff Devils. [Thanks Lutfi]

Best Player for Netball
Best Player for Netball.

The winners for the Futsal side, Team BSU.

LufBru Comittee and Volunteers
The LufBru committee and volunteers.

Full set (2.50 GBs worth) will be on DVDs. Leave a comment with your phone numbers (which will be hidden from public view) and I will call you for details.