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Black Beauty

Hello, there, beautiful.

After huffing and puffing at QQestore, I finally got it on Thursday, around 7pm. Drove over from home as fast as I could, as careful as I can with squinty eyes from my screwed up contact lenses.

Why I was so happy yesterday…

Chat transcript:

-my shipment out of hongkong is getting shipped out
-my contact lens solution that’s almost ran out arrived, and got two of those
-i found [edit: my] bluetooth mouse in my brother’s room, somehow i sensed it was there
-and finally my shipment that i thought was lost forever, was finally found, the seller on ebay finally got in contact with me and we sorted that out
-its getting shipped out today

Confused? Here’s the explanation.

-My Graduated ND Filter
-I wear Hard Contacts, so it needs a special solution
-I thought I’ve lost my $89 Logitech Bluetooth Mouse at work, but I found it at home in my brother’s room!
-I got two SB-24 Speedlights from an eBayer, but somehow eBay didn’t pick up the payment from paypal so she thought I had not paid. Tried getting in contact with her, but somehow my messages ends up in Yahoo Mails spam folder, and they’ve had a surgery for the past month. So in any case, she sent off the two Speedlights yesterday! Woohoo! More

My first eBay purchase experience

Was kinda weird. I ordered a Legioss Mospeada Kit on the 15th of March and it arrived just last Sunday at the Muara Post Office, on the 7th of April. Now I would cry foul and blast the seller on his eBay feedback for shipping the item late or him providing inaccurate tracking information or I’d create another post berrating on the inefficiency of the postal service here. But none of that from me it seems, as I’m just happy to have the item finally arrive so I can watch my Genesis Climber Mospeada while fidgeting with my action figure.

So I figured I’d just get home during lunch and check on the item and then get back to the office to leave some feedback on my first purchase. Funny thing was, it disappeared from My Ebay listing on items I need to leave feedback on, then upon further checking, the seller is no longer registered with eBay.

Even then, I was happy that my item arrived in immaculate condition, looking factory fresh. Thank goodness the seller shipped it in another box, and before he decided to close up shop. I just wonder though, if some other unscrupulous sellers did something like this without even shipping the items.