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Chasing Sunsets


I was heading out to meet the guys up at the Arch to go to Rano’s open house later that night, and over the hills, up through a man made valley which was carved out for the 4 lane motorway, was this glorious, deep orange sunset, with slivers of silhouettes being thrown out against the trees and whatnot. Right at that moment I knew I wanted to take a picture of it, but problem was there was nowhere to shoot it without needing to go out, which, in retrospect, I should have done to do the shot proper, with tripod and all.

Anyway, I remembered a spot right infront of a newly finished (on the exterior at least) RTB building which has a large open space right in front of it, and there was a bit of road shoulder area which I could just stop and shoot out the window. So I gunned the accelerator, keeping an eye on the sunset, not wanting any glimmer of its glorious colors fading.

I’ve been meaning to shoot from there, and finally it’s fulfilled. I just hope the building opens soon, so I can park within the compounds and not worry about traffice sideswipping me, my car or my lens.

Open House

Satay is one of the staple foods at open houses this year. Along with Soto.

I’m not giving away the chance to do some strobing.

More here.




‘Homicide’ is a word dude!

A Burst of Ideas

The waiters warned us about the firework show they were putting on so as not to startle the patrons. It was startling… to see how much they’ve wasted on fireworks like that…

Please update your links

To all Bloggers and site owners, please update your links to point to While every precaution has been taken to point any users surfing from your site through my old link, I feel it’s better to consolidate all incoming traffic directly to my new site and not having to go through my dearest subdomain. Your patience and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

And it greatly messes up my Technorati ratings too.


Test, test, hullo?

Windows Live Writer Test.



Test test. A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome? (Y/N)


Why I was so happy yesterday…

Chat transcript:

-my shipment out of hongkong is getting shipped out
-my contact lens solution that’s almost ran out arrived, and got two of those
-i found [edit: my] bluetooth mouse in my brother’s room, somehow i sensed it was there
-and finally my shipment that i thought was lost forever, was finally found, the seller on ebay finally got in contact with me and we sorted that out
-its getting shipped out today

Confused? Here’s the explanation.

-My Graduated ND Filter
-I wear Hard Contacts, so it needs a special solution
-I thought I’ve lost my $89 Logitech Bluetooth Mouse at work, but I found it at home in my brother’s room!
-I got two SB-24 Speedlights from an eBayer, but somehow eBay didn’t pick up the payment from paypal so she thought I had not paid. Tried getting in contact with her, but somehow my messages ends up in Yahoo Mails spam folder, and they’ve had a surgery for the past month. So in any case, she sent off the two Speedlights yesterday! Woohoo! More

Prelude to a View



Tried to bracket the shots, but wasn’t bringing my tripod. So no go fo’ HDR-o.

Header change

Just to make it more PG-13.

If you want to see the usual header, click on Alternate Layout to the left.

Thundercats Movie Coming soon?

Warner purrs for Thundercats

Wow. This either gonna be totally awesome, or totally bad.

It all depends on who’d they pick for the role of Cheetara.

We all know the one playing Cheetara would require acrobatic antics, stamina of a… well… Cheetah, and a body so hot, it makes you feel like you’ve just hit puberty all over again. Halle Berry could pull it off, but her recent run ins with the feline kind on the silver screen left a bad taste for some.

We all know Jolie would is a superb fit for this role, but normal Joe would be confused as to why does the Tomb Raider chick dressed up in Cheetah body paint?

Jessica Alba is can fit into this role as well. She hits all the buttons proper, but you’d imagine a warrior feline-woman would not sound like a whiny little girl.

I’d pick Eva Longoria in a heartbeat if it the role didn’t require a tall, Amazonian, lithe physique. Why would I have chosen her? I want to watch as much of Ms. Longoria as much as I can.

So I have to settle for Eva Mendez. I don’t care if she’s not jumping over people’s head and bashing their heads in with the staff. She can just stand there proudly chest out and holding the staff for all I’d care.

I know you people don’t agree with my choices. So, what’s the best that you can come up with?