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What are you doing on the 28th?

concertkemuda (by SoulJah)
Might I suggest going to a kick ass show and see a lot of awesome local talents rocking it out? Maria’s gonna be there, and I Mean the Snakes are gonna be playing too. Well, ok, full disclosure, I did the shot for them for the poster. But hey, it’s for a good cause!

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

Former The A-Team star Mr. T once stunned a sick child’s family by bringing him out of a coma – after doctors begged the actor for help.

The poorly kid fell unconscious in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-1980s – and the only physical movement he made was in response to hearing Mr. T’s name.

And when the mohawked star was in town, he stopped by the hospital to visit the ill boy – with miraculous results.

He tells Empire magazine, “His family put toys around him and one of them was a Mr. T doll. And whenever my name came up, the boy moved his arm.

“Somebody told the doctors I was in town, so they called me down there. I closed the curtains and prayed. Then, as I was walking down the hall, the kid suddenly came out of the coma and hollered out.

“That was my supernatural moment.”

Turns out… Chuck Norris ain’t got nothin’ on Mr. T.

And Then The World Collapses Due to the Infinite Looping


Yeah, I’m still sitting here, holding that pose, a few hours after Jim took it.

Quick! Call a tow truck!

Quick! Call a tow truck! (by SoulJah)
Oh wait…

I seriously loi-ed so I had to stop while on my commute to work and pulled over. I think I should have camera beside me more.

I didn’t stay long to see the age old question being answered:

‘If a tow truck is to(w)talled, should the tow truck call another tow truck?’

I can take 24

24Looking for payday loans?

Working through the backlog


Sorry guys, I’m still uploading all my recent pics. Will post all the latest photos soon. But if you can find your way to my Flickr, you will see all the photos that I have uploaded until that point.

I’ve been working on securing a few more models so there will be good chance they will be featured here soon. Keeps your fingers crossed.

BAG at Lynna’s

Current and past employee’s of BAG networks.

Catch ya on the flipside

Classic Ashrin.


0001_DSC_0003Work first, eat later.
0003_DSC_0009Sneaking up on people taking a picture with flash at full blast is fun.
0007_DSC_0026The calm before the storm.
0006_DSC_0018One thing Rezafaizalnever misses is to give an ice cream treat after the main course.
0008_DSC_0031Rano shoots the world.

More here.


I give the readers one chance to guess who took that?