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Moving ever forward…

Would you believe if I said that this was taken with a compact P&S camera? I wouldn’t have believed it myself…

Have a happy new years everyone, and keep on shooting!


One of those photos that says, “Hey, you’re not doing too bad in this photography thing…”


Featuring Caa Salleh. Make up by Naqiyah Ishaaq.


Cosmic Girl

It has been a while…

DSC_4920 It has been a while that I posted anything under the Modelling category. Of course, again, featuring Ryda. This is a collaboration with my decidedly awesome make up artist partner in crime, Q of GosipdanGincu fame. She’s offering basic makeup classes, so do go check it out!

Photoshoot 3


This was the third, and what I thought to be the final, photoshoot last Saturday. I was running all around, doing different kinds of photoshoots, having taken my off day in lieu. Productive, fun, tiring, but if you know me as much as you do, you’d know I’ll do another run like this in the future. Watch this space.

Anyway this is a teaser shot, just to highlight an upcoming collaboration between me and my decidedly awesome Make Up Artist. We both literally found out that same night that we’ll be working together for an upcoming wedding of mutual friends. High fives were dispensed accordingly.

Basking in the Sun

0164_NIKON D300__DSC8045 (by SoulJah)
The first thing I did when one of my all time favourite models comes back from her studies? Well, take her out for coffee, but after that, I make sure to arrange a series of shoots with her. Ryda, of Puteri Gunung Ledang fame.

High Key

0052_NIKON D300__DSC8994 (by SoulJah)
Did a quickie shoot with Suzianti, a former co-worker of mine, and all around hot chicka. Took all of one hour. Thanks babes!

Shoot Featuring Shik Part 0.5

0023_NIKON D300_R5DSC_3050-Edit
This was actually shot before my previous post, during my two-week photo-holidays.

Strobist Info, One SB-800 on the left, another SB-800 on the right, both with diffuser cap on, firing at 1/1 each. Triggered via CLS, held by two voice activated lightstands for run and gun purposes. Processed through Photoshop CS3.

Shoot Featuring Shik

0009_NIKON D300_DSC_5798 (by SoulJahtream)
A quick shoot, at a new location. Looks like my location list have expanded. Even I get bored of Tungku if I keep shooting there all the time.