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Long Way to the Top

Time and time again, life has proven that getting to the top is arduous and a difficult task, but the feeling at the top more than makes up for the hardship.

More photos coming up soon.

Today is a ‘Meh’ kinda day…


So I’ll just post a picture of my cat…

Happy Chinese New Year!

NIKON D300_0026__DSC6217

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone’s that are celebrating. I hope the year of the Ox brings much happiness and prosperity to you and yours.

I haven’t actually shot this shot at this year’s CNY Eve, as I have not been active in shooting in quite a while. I have been a bit sick recently, with last week or so being the hardest hit I’ve ever been in a while, as I literally couldn’t function on one particular day that I broke down into a terrible fever that same night.

I haven’t joined the forumites at our usual haunt as of late, as I’ve quit smoking, and rather not have the constant temptation blowing from all directions through the night. Furthermore, haven’t really joined most of the organized outings too. I think it’s just a phase, and I will shake out the cobwebs soon. Lining up model shoots, organizing outings for the officemates who have recently taken up photography, doing some paid jobs, and of course, the National Day celebrations is a call to arms to all the forumites to come down and do a show of force.

Soon, I’ll be back into the swing of things, and there will be a lot more new shots posted up. At the mean time, I’ll post up some random photos from before that have not been featured here, and I’ll intersperse that with new photos as well. As the nature of my shoots recently is leaning towards the um… shoots of… a different variety, there’s not a whole lot of motivation for me to post those shots here. But if you know me, you know I’ll post em on my Flickr, as some have found out, and they just keep up to date on my postings there.

Update: I’m Still Alive, Still Shooting…

0616_NIKON D300_DSC_0732

But I really need to get more photos that are ok to be posted up here. As most of my recent shoots are with models who are a bit shy to have their photos up on the internets, I guess there’s no choice, but I have to start doing some after work treks soon. I need to lose some post-post-post-Raya weight as well in preparation for our upcoming epic and legend… wait for it…

…dary adventure which is coming soon enough.

And Then The World Collapses Due to the Infinite Looping


Yeah, I’m still sitting here, holding that pose, a few hours after Jim took it.

Off into the rain.

Untitled, originally uploaded by airbiscuit. Taken by Airbiscuit.