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2013 just went by in a flash

Almost went for a whole year not posting anything… My bad…

Singing the Blues…

Picture 001
Sometimes… I lament to myself that I haven’t been shooting as much…

Cosmic Girl

A path among the trees


This was taken almost exactly one year ago, while I was taking my Japanese friend who was undertaking a backpacking trip all over Asia. I am still rather surprised she made the trip all the way over here. Maybe I should return the favour and visit her there.

This shot was taken after coming down from the knee shaking experience up above the canopy.



I can’t believe I have been living at this place for this many years and I’ve never been to this spot. Maybe on sleepless nights, I’d drive over to catch sunrises here again.



It has been a while…

DSC_4920 It has been a while that I posted anything under the Modelling category. Of course, again, featuring Ryda. This is a collaboration with my decidedly awesome make up artist partner in crime, Q of GosipdanGincu fame. She’s offering basic makeup classes, so do go check it out!

Photoshoot 3


This was the third, and what I thought to be the final, photoshoot last Saturday. I was running all around, doing different kinds of photoshoots, having taken my off day in lieu. Productive, fun, tiring, but if you know me as much as you do, you’d know I’ll do another run like this in the future. Watch this space.

Anyway this is a teaser shot, just to highlight an upcoming collaboration between me and my decidedly awesome Make Up Artist. We both literally found out that same night that we’ll be working together for an upcoming wedding of mutual friends. High fives were dispensed accordingly.

Beacon of Hope in a sea of Darkness

Beacon of hope in a sea of darkness

Dinner by Candle Light at Sheraton Utama Hotel


This was taken during Earth Hour 2009, where Sheraton Utama Hotel did an event marking the occasion with a presentation and talk about the effects of Global Warming.

Will get back to the swing of things soon. Been too busy with a wedding event, and my short trip to KK. Will do a post requested by my mate from a mate of mine for a very interesting topic for you frequent travellers. Stay tuned.

Just a Little Bit More…

Having the resolve not to turn back early on is a great way to have the resolve not to turn back when you’re almost at the top.