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p/s: I Love Your PJs

0012_NIKON D300_R5DSC_4634 (by SoulJah)
Thanks ladies for coming!

0014_NIKON D300_R5DSC_4641 (by SoulJah)
A movie-goer checks out Reeds’ pics.

A review of PS. I Love You coming up next.

Final Dash

0101_NIKON D300_DSC_1047

0182_NIKON D300_DSC_1236

Taken during the DST Women’s Sports Day event at the Balapan last Sunday, which saw the Ministry of Finance team bagging second place overall. Good job team!

Good opportunity in getting to grips with my new TeleConverter. A stress test revealed it might not be able to keep up with fast sports, and I really need to do an AF Fine Tune to get the sharpest image possible. But I’ll learn to work around the shortcomings and make it fit into my style of shooting.

More here :

Flag Bearers

0048_NIKON D300_DSC_8379 (by SoulJah)
A flag bearer stands infront of a giant Brunei flag that will be carried into the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien at the start of the National Day celebration.

The reflection off of the flag sets the subject apart nicely out of the background.

National Day 2008 Fireworks Display

0010_NIKON D300_DSC_9580
Couldn’t get much focus blurred shots in, as the show ended abruptly. I was set up with a 70-200 at the outset, but once reality sets in, I had to run back to the car to get my 17-55. And focus blurring with the 17-55 is a real pain in the rear.

More here.

National Day 2008

0171_NIKON D300_DSC_9000
A young lady waves a mini Brunei flag while taking part in the march past at the capital.

I thought last year’s celebration was already huge in terms of the number of photogs descending upon the capital, but here we fielded our own platoon of shooters almost rivalling any other photography organization. Great show guys!

More images here: with more to be featured here soon.

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?
More from the National Day 4×4 Mini Flag Distribution Ceremony and Procession here.


NIKON D300_0025_DSC_0149
Kawaii desu~ She sang Whitney Houston’s Will Always Love You song with her mom a short while after this. I was like awww~

NIKON D300_0034_DSC_0163

NIKON D300_0005_DSC_0092

More here.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix pt. Trois

She was quite popular with the kids that day.
Face painting was also quite popular, with a constant stream of kids and adults coming in and out.
Human Foosball was also another attraction. This kid is way too cute to know what the hell’s going on.
0019_DSC_0050 (by SoulJah)
Cute kid.
Even though it’s human foosball, the celebrations on a goal was almost like any other football game.
She was enthusiastic, and keep on going for the ball the whole game.
A little break in the action as the rain sets in.
Everyone was taking shelter.
Glad that I did. Found another model.
Well, it’s not hard to get anyone to pose really.
But I rather like candids like this.
Well, unless they have a cute smile.
‘They see me rollin’, my stroller… Tryna catch me riding dirty…’
‘Nobody knows it, but you’ve got a secret smile, and you use it, only for me…’
A whole lot of models waitin’ in line. A great turn out by the bikers, taking the kids on a ride around Bandar.
The only time I wished I was still 10.
It’s hard to be inconspicuous with a huge lens.
Riding off.
I thought this would be the last picture of the day. I went off for lunch shortly after this, but when I saw the Stormtroopers roaming around the place, I went back to my parking space, and paid for another hour of parking just to catch em.
It turns out, that this was in fact, the guy who went to the 501st Legion march during Macy’s parade last year in New York. I was utterly and totally, geeked out at that moment.
The bikers having a go at the obstacle course.
They were really gunnin’ for it.
And everyone was laughing all the way to the end, with their friends cheering them on.
There weren’t any paddings at the other end of this drop.
Posing with the ‘troopers.
As requested.
Met King there as well, his bike was among those lined up.
As the bikers were yelling out, “A White Tiger is coming through!”

More pics at the HSBC Charity Grand Prix set.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix pt. Deux

Halt, who goes there!?

The set is still uploading. Patience.

HSBC Charity Grand Prix


More to come.