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Fountain of Youth?

Long exposure, with pops of flashes popped for good measure to get some twinkles in the water stream.

Rizqun had the most number of tables I’ve seen this Ramadhan season. This table was one out of hundreds within the vicinity of the hotel lobby.

Reminded him to keep still, but as you can see, he wouldn’t.

Fadil, deep in thought.

In all, I really like the variety of food they have at the buffet lines. In fact, they had two buffet lines to cater to the number of patrons. I would say the crowd at iLotus was thicker than this, but if one line’s busy, you can just go to the other line anyway. The Mutton was scrumptulicious, and we have no less than two prawn dishes, and all of the stuff get refilled pretty quickly. And the thing I liked about Rizqun is that they have a Roti Canai/Murtabak station as part of their morning breakfast buffet, and now they have it as a regular station at the Ramadhan buffet. The two drinks area get frequented fairly regularly, but refills comes swiftly whenever it runs out.

One of the better dining destinations out there for your Ramadhan food fix.

Breaking Fast at iLotus

My first encounter with an unlocked 8GB iPhone. While I’m a self confessed Apple hater, this was like being lured with a forbidden golden foil wrapped candy bar. Here, we see it trying to load up my site, and it looks like it load everything up just fine, including the drop downs and everything.

I kinda shoehorned my way to the breaking fast at iLotus, but for good reason. The last time I went there for breaking of fast, the food was excellent, with a good range of buffet items indoors, and all the extra items such as the fritters, dessert, hot drinks, grill station located in the patio area, it is rather good value for money considering it costs less than what most hotel eateries are charging this season.

Baiting me with it’s minimalism.

Present were myself, Ranoadidas, AnakBrunei, Jim747, Chee, and Saifullah(?), and we were entertained by the lovely host, Irene, I think it was.

Here we see Jim747 trying it for a spin.

The thing is, where there is good food, there is a good amount of people flocking there. It’s more true here than anywhere I’ve seen. The whole place was jam packed, spilling out to the patio area where the grilled and other various items are, and they even had to set up tables to the usual driveway at the entrance of the restaurant.

For that reason alone, you might want to catch the 7.30 show, as the break fast time is too hectic, but if you’re up for it, and can wiggle your way to the stations, I guarantee you will have a full plate, a full table, and a full belly. The 7.30 ‘show’ has the same menu, mostly catering to Chinese patrons of the establishment.

Barbecue chefs preparing the items. Hectic station this was.

I would not hesitate to come here again, though. The food was great, and if you have a belly of steel as mine, you can go long into the night, snacking on other food items on display.

AnakBrunei enjoying the buffet.

Gerai Ramadhan Outing

Smoked Fish. Crispy Smoked Fish…

A small platoon of photographers descended onto the jam packed make shift stalls selling a cornucopia of food items, with every step of the way, a cacophonous din on peddlers busily hawking their items. Controlled chaos, with everything and everyone was primed to be photographed.

Present were myself, AnakBrunei, WithAku, RJ63, Airbiscuit, Nikonian (Chee), CPSBrunei, UcingItam, God’s Gift and friends, Ranoadidas and Bandar360. I wonder if I left someone out?

Anyway, here’s a lesson on how to make music out of your viewer’s stomach, especially during the fasting month. Enjoy.

Onwards men! And uh, ladies!
Glorious, beautiful smoke and shadows.
0017_DSC_0034Murtabaks at $3 for 2.
0023_DSC_0042Whole Grilled Chickens, aptly dubbed, Ayam Golek.
0030_DSC_0054Kebabs. This one looks deliciously tender.
0033_DSC_0057Honey Grilled Chicken? Oh yum.
0035_DSC_0060Merrily cutting along while listening to something, music perhaps.
0039_DSC_0068Another satisfied customer.
0040_DSC_0069Grilled items on display. Pieces of meat and chicken wings.
0043_DSC_0074I’m flying without wings, as the song goes.
0049_DSC_0082This place attracted me again and again, probably due to the smoke playing around with the sunshine, creating dancing silhouettes.
0053_DSC_0089A long row of tents pitched up across the parking lot.
0054_DSC_0095Huge fritters.
0057_DSC_0101This kinda makes me hungry at this point.
0061_DSC_0113Cutting up the pieces to be put into the pita.
0062_DSC_0115After an hour or so of hunting, the guys were ready to buy stuff for their own breaking of fast.
0070_DSC_0130Posing while flipping the Pulut Panggangs.
0071_DSC_0134These were served with Peri-Peri sauced. Which are like sweet sweet chili.
0075_DSC_0142Banana fritters, writhing in pain in the hot frying oil.
0077_DSC_0147Apparently friends of Ucingitam.
0078_DSC_0150After Sungkai shenanigans. Taken by either CPS or Airbiscuit. Strobist Info: Triggered Via CLS. Diffuser cap on..