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Sheraton’s Ramadhan Kampong Delight


Year after year, Sheraton Utama Hotel doesn’t disappoint during the Ramadhan season, by offering a plethora of great breaking of fast items at a great price. The kampung styled offerings are sure to whet the appetite of the fasting patrons, with little tidbits of starters based on local dishes; from the salted fish, salted eggs, eggs covered in peanut sauce; to the local sweets and desserts, accompanied by the customary dates to break the fast, diners are greeted with a plenty of choice at the Tasek Brasserie this year.



Dates and traditional sweets and desserts to start off the feast.


The usual grilled whole lamb is present, along with the grilled food station. Other dishes of note were the Lamb Topiaza, and the Potatoes with Peanuts and Anchovies, which I loved despite the simple nature of the dish. I haven’t had the chance to try the Fish Filet dish and the Sup Tulang, but I only saw thumbs-ups from the other diners in our party last night, so it’s safe to say it’s good.



Curry Laksa, heavenly.

The laksa finished out my ’rounds’ last night, and people who know me, knows that I’ve been looking for a good laksa dish in Brunei for the past few months. I’d say the curry laksa they had was one of the top 3 laksa dishes I have had here.


To finish up, the dessert station was particularly inviting for the amount of cakes and desserts lined up, but had to go with the Mud Cake, as I’m a fiend for chocolate.

In all a great spread, a great atmosphere, and should have paced myself. By the end of the dinner, I was really, really full. Maybe I’ll come round again and have another go. Two family members conveniently have their birthdays in September. Maybe by then I’ve had more training.

Of Pasta and Pizza

A Capers Lunch is one of the events I look forward too. An all-you-can-eat lunch consisting of fabulous pasta and delicious fresh pizza is quite a temptation, even when one’s on a supposed weight loss challenge.
But Sheraton’s Pizza might come up and take over the crown of the best Pizza in town. Pick out from the menu, add extra ingredients to your heart’s content, or make up an entirely eclectic mix of toppings, it’s up to you.

Sheraton’s Mexican Fiesta








Villa Mauri… Bellissimo…

_DSC8078 (by SoulJah)

_DSC8076 (by SoulJah)

Me and the officemates went for Sungkai at the newest toast in town, Villa Mauri located along Jalan Sungai Tilong (click through for the map location, click on map link on the right hand side). Great Italian food all around. The main dish, the Sirloin Steak, was quite a favourite, as well as the Meatballs starter.

Pity the Bandung drinks was only given once. Otherwise flawless dining experience.

Gerai Ramadhan Outing – Gadong


I find that, in a pinch, my manual focus, Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 ais, does a wonderful job as a stand in for my 70-200mm. I think I’m beginning to get a hang of this lens, and seeing it’s almost as tiny as my 50mm, I think it’ll go along with me the next time I go to KL again. I’m planning on sitting in a corner of Bukit Bintang, snapping away, as I rarely got the chance to do so the last time I was in KL.

I’ve been pretty much out of sync with my shooting lately, and someone suggested going full on manual for the time being to root out the cobwebs outta my head. While I might not go full blown Hasselblad-ing Bukit Bintang, the wonderful clarity and sharpness of this 20 year old lens might just give my other lenses a bit of jealousy fit. I mean, with an optical formula dating back to 50 years, why mess with a good thing, right?

More photos here.

Sheraton’s Selera Kampong Kitani

_DSC7860 (by SoulJah)
The ever popular lamb roast.

This was the first buffet style breaking of fast I’ve had this year, if you could believe that. Haven’t really gotten into the Ramadhan swing yet, and besides, I was trying to cut down on the food intake. But reminded about last year’s fabulous spread and the oh so scrumtulicious roast lamb on a spit, I won’t pass it up this year.

_DSC7841 (by SoulJah)
This was at the Lok Lok station, basically like meat on sticks, chilled on ice.

This year, the local food theme is back, with a veritable feast of local favourites, like ‘Roti John’, an actual Kebab station, my always favourite noodle station with the different kinds of Laksa, a great acar, cakes and desserts spread, and the crowd favourite lamb roast/grilled. Again and again I extol the virtues of the lamb there, which is the best in Brunei, and several colleagues agree with me on this. It just melts in your mouth.

_DSC7827 (by SoulJah)
The cordial station, next to the Teh Tarik fountain. ‘Manisan’ or Rose cordial is always a favourite back when I was a wee tyke.

Within this first few weeks I’ve usually broken the fast with finger foods, so it was a force of habit for me to go for the kebabs and Roti Johns. One or two servings of rice, satay and lamb, I was done. But not before going for a round of my new favourite there, the Noodle Station. I had the Laksa last year, and it was quite a surprise, and oh boy, it didn’t disappoint.

_DSC7833 (by SoulJah)
Perennial favourite, satay, with gravy next to it. I could break my fast with just a handful of these…
_DSC7836 (by SoulJah)
A thing of beauty.
_DSC7843 (by SoulJah)
Roti John, Kebabs, and Pratas. ‘Fast food’ by our standards.
_DSC7848 (by SoulJah)
Lovely ambience as usual.
_DSC7854 (by SoulJah)
Finished our dinner with oh so sinfully lovely Chocolate Cake.
_DSC7855 (by SoulJah)
Wide shot setting the scene…
_DSC7865 (by SoulJah)
…and done.

Thank you Sheraton, Paula and Alex, for your wonderful hospitality.

“Available every day of the fasting month from 6pm to 7pm, take yourself to Tasek Brasserie for a boutique-style Sungkai, call 224 4272 extension 8871 to make your reservations early. Dine with us during the Selera Kampong Kitani sungkai buffet at Tasek Brasserie and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes such as dining vouchers and complimentary stays at various sister properties in Malaysia and Bali!”

Sheraton’s Le Chef Table Experience

DSC_2244 (by SoulJah)
Mango Mousse… Oh my… Sinfully delicious…
“Embark on a Culinary Excursion at Sheraton Utama Hotel”

BRUNEI, Bandar Seri Begawan, 1st July 2008 – In conjunction with His Majesty’s 62nd Birthday Celebration, Sheraton Utama Hotel is introducing its new special eDISHions at Tasek Brasserie starting from 7th July until 7th August 2008. Set out on a road to indulgence and treat your senses to a culinary excursion with exquisite local delights prepared by Sheraton’s own innovative culinary experts.

For just $10.00 plus 10 per cent service charge, savour Sheraton’s own authentic Chicken Rice with perfectly poached chicken with the delicious aroma of its rice topped off with condiments that completes the set as a whole.

Sheraton’s Nasi Briani Campur is a must try with the careful creative fusion of local herbs and Indian condiments that’s served with acar, papadam, kurma telur and kambing bakar vindallo at just $12.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

For a more western flavour, our ‘Continental Culinary Touch’ dish is equipped with char grilled provencale and marinated high quality black angus meat with grillades scampi brochette, Cajun stick fries and fresh green salad at only B$15.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

Our Sebastian Pas-try, Must Try dessert that can’t be missed. Take pleasure in the delightful taste of mango mousse with fresh fruits and vanilla crispy at only B$12.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

For more details, please contact the hotel’s direct line.
DSC_2240 (by SoulJah)
The dish is called ‘Continental Culinary Touch’… The angus steak alone was worth the price of admission…

Hi-Tea at Sheraton

Delectable treats.

Lovely ambience.

Had a lovely hi-tea at the Sheraton Utama Tasek Brasserie yesterday. Along with me was Airbiscuit and several other members of the media. The food was great, and it was a warm and cozy afternoon. Thanks Wena for the invite, and for the great company. And it was also nice to meet you Norizah. I’ll be sure to extend the invite to you for the event on the 12th. 😀

More photos here.

Sheraton Utama Hotel’s Tamu Sungkai Buffet by the Poolside

Lamb Roasted on a Spit.

A group of bloggers were invited for a session of breaking of fast with the staff of Sheraton and the new General Manager, Mr. Alex Riva. We were greeted at the lobby by… Ok, I have to confess I somehow misplaced all the Business Cards that was handed to me, even though I remembered to put it in my memory card wallet. And I’m rather terrible with names. But they did greet us at the lobby and ushered us all to our tables.

Rano invited me, Jim747 and Airbiscuit the night before for this, and we all gladly came. We met Reeda and Yeeman there. Though there was supposed to be a few more from the blogosphere, but it was in all six of us having a delightful night of great company and great food.

The Pickles and Acar spread.
0009_DSC_0012Rano at the Noodles Station.

I got some photography stuff out of the way first before heading to the food stations, but that lamb roast on a spit was enticing me to say the least. After some photos and some long exposure shots, I was ready for the food. On my first ’round’, I had some rice, veggies with prawns, some satay, and my main target for the night, the roast lamb. Let me tell ya, the nice and tender meat was a delight. Most of the grilled lamb chops I had all this time was quite the opposite. Even the roast at Rizqun I had a hard time to bite with my old man chompers, but last night’s at Sheraton was really, really, delectable. It was so enticing that I digged in without even taking a picture. It was that good.

We chatted for a bit with our two hosts that sat with us on a separate table, and found out that they have done the breaking of fast sessions with other traditional media outlets, such as Radio DJs and Newspaper reporters and editors.

Reeda from having a chat with the staff of Sheraton.
Jim747 and Rano with Alex Riva (c.) the new General Manager of Sheraton.

I had to remind myself that I needed to take a picture of the food items for Yeeman so I got up to get a second serving, thoughtfully, but futilely arranging the items so it’d look great on a photo. Fried noodles with satay and pratas and some more roast lamb.

Playing with wireless CLS again with my food, flashing the white tent to give a nice, even, soft lighting to light up the food.

My third serving was some noodles with all the condiments dipped in what I thought was Laksa curry, but turns out it was a thick Tom Yam soup. Thank goodness I tried it, as it was the best Tom Yam I had in months.

My second serving.
My third.

There’s no better way to end a good dinner than with a dessert. After Reeda exclaimed it was dessert time, we found our way inside for the dessert table, and I proceeded to snap up some pictures. But once I found the Chocolate Ice Cream Pit, and the accompanying Chocolate Rice Sprinkles beside it, off the camera went, and back to my seat I go, with Ice Cream bowl in hand.

Teh Tarik and Chocolate Ice Cream goes great hand as I’ve found out.

It was a great night, with great company, and not to mention to two lovely ladies with us at our table. And I find the poolside setting only manages to calm my nerves and help me relax some more. And it was not too rushed anyway, and the crowd was not all that much. Great place to have your dinner, Sungkai or not. I totally recommend it.

I totally missed this on the way in.
Dessert time.
Top of the night with a bit of ice cream and teh tarik.

The full set of pictures is here.

25 to Sungkai

25 to Sungkai
Man, that VR system sure is awesome. Taken with the 70-200mm f/2.8G. Without VR this woulda been blur city.

Went to this Thai restaurant on the same block as HSBC in Jerudong. Aqil Shafiee Restaurant I believe the name was. It wasn’t a buffet, more like ala carte. Certainly there were a few dishes that was quite popular, meaning there were a couple of dishes that other tables had that was the same as the dishes on our table. Cashew Nut Chicken, Tempura Prawn? Or was it just deep fried prawns. Tom Yam Prawns. Pineapple Fried Rice. Mango Fish (this deep fried fish cooked Thai style with Mango bits. My favourite of the bunch) with Kailan as the vegetable dish. Tanghoon Salad, which I gave a miss because they said it was too hot. That basically rounds off everything we had on the table. The food was great, and the atmosphere was relaxed, as there were no rush to the buffet table.

You know what? I’d rather like that format. I might try to go ala carte for all my Ramadhan dining pleasures next year. Might have to compile a list though.