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Working through the backlog


Sorry guys, I’m still uploading all my recent pics. Will post all the latest photos soon. But if you can find your way to my Flickr, you will see all the photos that I have uploaded until that point.

I’ve been working on securing a few more models so there will be good chance they will be featured here soon. Keeps your fingers crossed.

Lighting 102: Assignment – Cooking Light


Set Image to Automagic

Whoops. Wrong set declaration there.

EDIT: Oh Poop. If it doesn’t bring up the thumbnails down at the bottom, press left and right on your keyboard.

Lighting 102: Introduction

I’m planning to take up Lighting 102 this year conducted on Strobist, and follow along the lessons with my photos taken with techniques taught on each subject to be posted here. Discussions will be held on the Strobist Flickr group with course materials available on the Strobist Flickr pool.

Wanna take a class with me?

Why I love Flickr pt 1


I can place all my images on a map! Geotagging my images is made easier now that Yahoo has seen fit to update the map a bit. It used to be impossible to zoom in, and all you would get anyway is a mush of pixels. Now that they have a more recent data (well not that recent, the Sungai Akar roundabout hasn’t been built yet by their maps) and a higher resolution at that of Brunei, now I’m able to see what that green mush was that was close to my residence. Turns out it’s a dam. I seriously hadn’t known about that dam until perusing the Flickr maps.

I’m already planning to write in and ask for permission to shoot there in the next few weeks.