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Leaner, Meaner, Faster


Welcome to the newly revamped I have decided to move from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress install, and I have to say, it has been a long time coming. The decision to move was because Blogger decided to end FTP uploads, and seeing any other method of pointing my domain to Blogger’s hosted blog was gonna be P.I.T.A., I’ve decided to take the plunge to WordPress. All the posts have been carried over from Blogger, so you can still surf for previous posts as you desire. Google’s bots are still crawling this site, so hopefully you can Google for StupidLogic [insert any old post here] pretty soon. In the meantime, I’m still tweaking everything here and there, so if you see any wonky stuff happening, it’s just me messing with the site a bit.

These three shots were taken from a two day workshop conducted by Chot Touch of Malaysia, a course geared towards street candids. It was rather surprising that looking through a fresh pair of eyes can unravel a bit more to Brunei than the same old photos we’ve taken. I was pleased with the results, but it was a pain opening up the studio at 6am!



KL Trippin’ part 1

Sunlight Cascading from the Heavens (by SoulJah)
I’m gonna post just the photos I took from my first morning in KL which I did a bit of sightseeing, going around to KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers. Lovely people, lovely sights, lovely nightlife. In short, I had an awesome time shooting and exploring that city, which I can safely say, that never sleeps.

If you people know the reason I went there, you know how to get to my Flickr and check out the stuff I took. Definitely not gonna post it here.

National Day 2008 Fireworks Display

0010_NIKON D300_DSC_9580
Couldn’t get much focus blurred shots in, as the show ended abruptly. I was set up with a 70-200 at the outset, but once reality sets in, I had to run back to the car to get my 17-55. And focus blurring with the 17-55 is a real pain in the rear.

More here.

TESL Brunch Affair

NIKON D300_0084_DSC_7176

NIKON D300_0136_DSC_7251

I don’t know, but I think the whole thing seemed like a party for the shutterbugs! Lovely models, which were more than willing to strike a pose. Thanks guys for the invite. You can count on me to cover more of your events!

To the TESLians, please e-mail me for the link, as I have kept your photos in a private area of my Flickr account. E-mail me at nizam [no spaces] rahman [@t] gmail [dawt] com.

Backlog Update: Christmas Magic

NIKON D300_0009_DSC_2437

NIKON D300_0007_DSC_2417
Bubbles floated out of the decoration, giving a sense of a snowy Christmas eve.

I feel there was something special in the air Christmas eve, so I decided to go ahead and stop by the NBT Christmas Decoration that they put up every festive event to draw crowds to the premises. That night was no exception, as a large crowd gathered up, feeling attracted to the spirit of the Christmas eve.

Hurtling at the Speed of Light

NIKON D300_0014__DSC1778
Heading home after our Meragang Outing two posts back. Employed Live View here, focusing manually.

Jim747 needs a fricking car wash, btw.

Happy New Year

NIKON D300_0012__DSC1760-Edit-2
Taken last year, with Jim747 in tow. I practically forced him to shoot here.

CPL stacked with ND grad in front to cut off the bright sunlight. Didn’t cut it off completely though, too bad.

More here.

Experiments on Silver Halide part 2

Experimentation with Film 2
Now, I’m sad to give the camera away. At least it will go to someone who will cherish it.