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Moon Cake Festival/Mid Autumn Festival

A stage actor adorned with make up and full on costume prepares for the stage show.

Looks like the transition is complete, well on the surface that is. All my links will point to the new site, and my old link will redirect itself to here. But all my older posts are still pointing to the old server and looks like I have to edit all the files individually to point to the new site so any visitors via Google will find the new site. I’m just anal when it comes to the little things really, so all these little nagging things, such as redirecting, dead links, and dead images are still at the back of my mind.

My biggest concern really is the Metal Gear Solid Codec Ringtone I’ve posted a while back, that has since become my most popular post. Since it looks like I can’t redirect it automatically as easy as it was with the main index page, it seems that the ranking for this new site’s Codec Ringtone is gonna start at the bottom now.

Anyway, everything I’ve designed has been translated 98% onto the final site, 2% of which is the little small problems, like dead images and in IE, those menu won’t drop down at all. Oh, you’re on IE? Go try Firefox or Opera or even the latest phones to check my site. It should either drop down, or gracefully downgrades to an accessible site without the layouting. My N80 can drop down the menu items. An iPhone could as well (that’s for another story), I haven’t tried on Linux systems or other obscure browsers, but if they’re based on a good CSS compliant browser, it should drop down.

And oh. The biggest thing that led me to design this site as such? Now I can present a full 1024 px wide landscape images. Fun for your bandwidth.

The full gallery can be found at

Test Post For New Layout

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