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Thank God!

My hard drive was revived!

I can access all my pictures!

I should back up when I get home!

Here, have some picture!




Notice the last picture is a direct rip-off from my friend, Pixels-n-Grains?

Brunei’s National Day 2007

Had a rollercoaster weekend last week. I was so stoked about the National Day photo opportunities, I couldn’t even sleep proper. Slept so late, that at the last moment, thought about backing up my portable hard drive to DVD archives, just in case. Figured nothing would go wrong, and my eyes were heavy anyway, so I called it a night so I could wake up as early as possible for the drive to Bandar. Bad mistake.

After taking all these pictures, I went ahead and backed up my 2GB SD card to my Photomate, this handy device that has memory card slots and a hard drive built in so I can just backup my cards in action. It took 30 minutes for it to back up the whole card, and the device felt hot to the touch as well. Had my reservations about the heat, but thought nothing of it.

When I was heading home, I had the niggling feeling that I should check my hard drive as soon as possible, so when I got home, I did, and to my horror, all my backed up photos, totaling around 7000ish couldn’t be accessed. Oh the horror. I had some backups of earlier stuff I took before I got the 80-200mm, and had some DVDs I passed to other people, so I could recover some of them back, so that’s my agenda for the next few weeks.

My immediate concern was to recover some images from the 2GB, and thank god I still had the program Recover My Files to recover the areas on the card that I haven’t written to. So if you see images named Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_XX, yes, those are recovered images. And they still have their EXIF data. Phew.

The next day, my friend’s wedding at KB, and that was the first time I drove my Civic outside State limits, but for all intents and purposes, the car performed admirably. Took some pictures, jostling with some guy with a D200 and some dudes with Canons.

After coming back to Brunei, went ahead to go to Gadong, and saw a little commotion going on at the mall. Immediately remembered that UcingItam is doing a shoot for the Kristal Kids Idol, so went ahead and got my Off Trail out. Had my Nintendo DS clamped onto the belt, so I figured it wont drop off so I merrily walked from EGM towards the mall. Upon reaching the mall, felt back and reached for my DS, and to my horror, again, I lost the damn thing. I felt numb. Seriously. Went around Gadong looking for it, praying no car would run the sweet thing over, but can’t even find it.

I feel so hollow right now.

Crawling in my skin~
These wounds, they will not heal~

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_20

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_78

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_107

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_118

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_203

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_220


















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