Sheraton’s Le Chef Table Experience

DSC_2244 (by SoulJah)
Mango Mousse… Oh my… Sinfully delicious…
“Embark on a Culinary Excursion at Sheraton Utama Hotel”

BRUNEI, Bandar Seri Begawan, 1st July 2008 – In conjunction with His Majesty’s 62nd Birthday Celebration, Sheraton Utama Hotel is introducing its new special eDISHions at Tasek Brasserie starting from 7th July until 7th August 2008. Set out on a road to indulgence and treat your senses to a culinary excursion with exquisite local delights prepared by Sheraton’s own innovative culinary experts.

For just $10.00 plus 10 per cent service charge, savour Sheraton’s own authentic Chicken Rice with perfectly poached chicken with the delicious aroma of its rice topped off with condiments that completes the set as a whole.

Sheraton’s Nasi Briani Campur is a must try with the careful creative fusion of local herbs and Indian condiments that’s served with acar, papadam, kurma telur and kambing bakar vindallo at just $12.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

For a more western flavour, our ‘Continental Culinary Touch’ dish is equipped with char grilled provencale and marinated high quality black angus meat with grillades scampi brochette, Cajun stick fries and fresh green salad at only B$15.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

Our Sebastian Pas-try, Must Try dessert that can’t be missed. Take pleasure in the delightful taste of mango mousse with fresh fruits and vanilla crispy at only B$12.00 plus 10 per cent service charge.

For more details, please contact the hotel’s direct line.
DSC_2240 (by SoulJah)
The dish is called ‘Continental Culinary Touch’… The angus steak alone was worth the price of admission…

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