US retailers ban explicit computer game

By Nick Farrell [16-10-2002]

Pimps, prostitutes and frisky poodles cause offence

US retailers are shunning a new computer game which they believe is too filthy to sell.

BMX XXX, released by Acclaim Entertainment with the tagline ‘Keep it Dirty’, is the first mainstream release to feature prostitutes and pimps as major characters.

The game mixes racing bike stunts with, among other things, images of copulating pink poodles, and has been rejected by Wal-Mart, ToysRUs and KB Toys.

A Wal-Mart spokesman told Reuters that the company does not sell any software that includes vulgarity or nudity.

But an Acclaim spokesman suggested that the critics are missing the point of the game, which he said is intended as a spoof along the lines of movie comedies such as Austin Powers and Airplane.

This kind of controversy has proved an excellent way of selling games in the past. Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto 3, which featured controversial scenes of violence, went on to become the top-selling computer game of 2001.


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In other gaming news; South Korean dies in marathon game session. Remember kids, 5 minutes of break for every hour of gaming. It’s healthy for you.

Comments : It’s about friggin’ time we get nude charachters in our video games!!! Everyone knows its gonna happen! Its not gonna cause harm, kids will see breastesses eventually in their lives. DO NOT deny them of seeing breastesses. OK that doesn’t make much sense. But if you want to censor the stuff that get to your kids, then its the parents’ problems, not society’s problems! Get your fucking collective head out of your collective asses and get your act together parents! DO NOT DENY THE BREASTESSES FROM BEING FLAUNTED!

[[[Still waiting for a full fledged porn game on the PS2 or the XBox… mmmmmmm…. pixel boobs…. mmmmmmm…. mammary-jigglature-animation….. mmmmmmmm….. anti aliased nipples…. mmmmmmmmm….. jizz particle effects…. mmm… no…. but….. mmmmmmm…… liquid animation….. mmmmmmmm….]]] kthnxbi

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