Moments at AYF: Ice Breaking

0060_NIKON D300__DSC4208 (by SoulJah)

Whoever knows me in real life, I’m quite reserved when it comes to meeting new people. I need to feel them out to see if I can click with them… and if it clicks, I’d be at ease and it’s easier to interact with them and form friendships. Faced by delegates from 12 different countries, it’d be easy to bet that I’d have a hard time feeling out each and every one of the countries, let alone each and everyone of the delegates.

Just like smoking cigarettes, which immediately breaks down the barriers of normal societal interactions that us adults put up, and you can discuss everything from the weather all the way to religion in just one smoke break. Now, my chosen drug of choice is photography, and that in some ways allows you to interact with others that are ‘in the know’ and you have a conduit from which you can interact with others, whether they notice it and strike a pose, or whether whether you catch them being themselves, anything ranging from emotional outburst of joy, laughter, quiet contemplation or even at their worst state of sleep deprivation.

The number of DSLRs present at the events were quite remarkable, but not too surprising. Some of the delegates were like me as well, there for the photography competition; and there were others who brought their own cameras to capture the goings on at the forum, as would I, if I was not part of the competition. So it’s not a surprise that we immediately identify with each other, knowing full well that we all share the same passion, and of course checking each other’s gears, which is to be expected, really. A Singaporean, which was to become my group mate for the forum format, came up to me, and we instantly hit it off. Others, like the one in the accompanying photo, I only managed to get to know over the course of the event. At this movie screening, I still didn’t know he was Andri Tei, the first place winner for the photography competition. But over the course of the event, we’re almost like buddies, more like a mutual respect for each other, being in the same brotherhood of photography kin.

Over the course of this series, I’ll show the importance of any cameras, be it DSLR or Point-n-shoots, in creating a lasting bond throughout all the delegates.

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