While talking about camera stuff on our Jing Chew session, a family consisting of an elderly couple and someone that looks like their granddaughter took a table next to ours. The man had an elaborate tattoo which I couldn’t keep my eyes away of, and I was surprised that he made small talk to me, which I happily obliged to.

The woman told a story how the tattoo got there, which just piqued my interest some more. It’s rare to see an elderly man to have a nice tattoo such as that, it’s even rarer to see it on a Bruneian, which made me get up the courage to ask for a photo as I found the story quite remarkable. He agreed, but without a shot of his face.

85mm Cream Maker

Queueing for a shot Sigmonster? Bollywood Aim


  1. Ashrin July 15, 2007

    If it’s such a remarkable story, why don’t you tell it?

  2. SoulJah July 15, 2007

    She hasn’t given me the reprinting rights yet.

  3. War186 July 15, 2007

    Haha. I was like, “where’s the story?” too. 😛

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