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Wow, such eloquence.

When you insinuate that you might want to “slap” my “grateful parents”, you’ve just opened a can of worms there buddy. I’ve known a lot of good people coming from ITB, and they have moved on to contribute to the nation after going through the programs offered at ITB. But to say their parents are “stupids” and “bitter” just because their children didn’t get offered the chance to go abroad (that the writer might have squandered, by looking at his thought process) is beyond what is considered proper opinion.

Who’s better is not in debate here. With that, please, do sound off. I like to sample your opinion.


  1. Anonymous July 7, 2007

    That person sounds like an overseas graduate and is so narrow minded.

    ‘Grateful parents’ could be trying to promote the country’s education system and help relieve the government’s financial burden of spending so much to send students abroad. Does that person even realize that ITB offers courses that the Goverment does not give scholarships on?

    Its people like him/her that hinder Brunei’s progress. Grateful Parents might be from an older generation, let them be proud of their children and of the country’s progress in striving to provide a quality education system. When you make fun of such institutes you are also making fun of the Government’s progress. True not everyone can afford to go overseas, but it doesnt make you smarter than them.

    I think he/she should have their head closely examined.

  2. Ashrin July 7, 2007

    To be honest, those “grateful parents” characters do have a point. However, what they do not address is the difference in quality and other aspects of learning that is offered in overseas institutions. The “hidden” learning of tertiary education.

    The advantage of Brunei’s higher education system is that it is geared towards Brunei. For example, I realised that economics students in UBD were more in tuned with the problems in Brunei than their overseas counterparts. But who is better? i cant really judge and probably wont judge. But i probably will but not now because i ramble more than a rambling cheesewhiz in an earthquake.

    As for the kid who replied to the grateful parents, if that moron is a scholarship student, than i fear for the country. The problem with the scholarship scheme is that it allows people who just want to go to the UK or Aussie for the sake of going or for the “status” rather than for knowledge. This beats the whole point of the scholarship. If you get it, be scholars! I’ve met a few genuine scholars and bless them. Holistic individuals who dwell not only in books, parties but also the expansion of their minds through art etc. and im sure plenty more of them around.

    Now, if the kid isnt a scholarship student but sent by the parents, all i can say is silly spoiled cunt. And if he/she is neither a scholarship student nor a brat, then he/she is a daft cunt that is obviously blinded by the prospects of the magical land of the UK where everyone is as smart as beans and denies himself from viewing the big picture.

    Anyway im kinda lost now with all my blabbering really.. but as a final note, i would just like to point out again what anonymous said. courses offered through scholarships are courses that arent offered here. So in essence, the MOE deems that education here is well deserving for the country. oh and a final final note, if any of you reading are applying for scholarships, take courses that you know you’ll enjoy and wont regret in the working world. Its not a holiday but still enjoy yourself and learn new things.

  3. Ashrin July 7, 2007

    ah crap.. forgot to talk about the dude’s language. speak properly!

  4. Ashrin July 7, 2007

    ah nutmegs. now i just reread the grateful parents thing. The better than uk or aussie thing is an exaggeration but its no big fuss, really. just happy parents who want their kids to continue their studies. thats all.

    the dude is being fucking silly with his slapping comments. his ignorance is obvious and he probably could string a coherent argument anyway

  5. Sp@ZZ July 7, 2007

    Unfortunately, I actually know this guy and some of you are kinda spot on with your comments. LOL
    OK, I’m not going to bash the guy for voicing out his comments on his own blog but it really annoys me that ppl like him prefer to see the cynical side of things. So what if he sees these grateful parents are ‘like stupids’? It’s refreshing to see them give support and care for their kid’s education.
    I actually feel that his complaints aren’t really focused on what’s better – local or overseas education. I think it’s more of him finding such public parental appreciation icky.
    If you ask me, maybe he’s just venting cos he never had that kind of support from his parents. LOL
    And people… just because one ignorant fool spouts out crap like that, don’t even think that all of the overseas-educated think the same way!

  6. Ashrin July 7, 2007

    “just because one ignorant fool spouts out crap like that, don’t even think that all of the overseas-educated think the same way!”

    no we dont sp@zz. the unfortunate few that spoil the whole bunch do

  7. Tina July 8, 2007

    I had my own post about this. It really made my blood boil. I don’t know. Maybe because I’m proud of being an ITB graduate jua.

    Maybe. Entah, marah ku saja.

  8. Rogue Diplomat July 8, 2007

    ‘Grateful Parents’ were only just expressing how extremely proud they are of their kids who have finally graduated. As if being proud of your kids was a big enough crime to deserve such a small minded backlash! This yusri psychologist, i bet he got a scholarship. Is this the kind of people we want in our society to deserve to be freely funded by the government, to pursue studies that is meant to help the Brunei population, but instead he’s only calling them stupid (spelled with an ‘s’ at the end mind you, talk about low class grammar) and wanting so badly to slap them. That is so not MIB. I never knew that such ‘higher quality’ education teaches one to call your elders stupid (with bad spelling) and slapping them, just because they made such a simple comment. Since you’re supposed to be the lofty one who is ‘special’ enough to hold such a higher quality certification, shouldnt you have been the bigger person and understood that it wasnt worth being small minded or small hearted about? It shouldnt even have been an issue. I was a UK and OZ graduate too you know but i dont agree with your way of so called ‘thinking’. A psychologist too! It’s a subject that’s supposed to understand the human psyche, yet you do not practice what you aim to preach.

    I read the rest of this yusri guy’s blogs just to get an idea of how he thinks. There’s actually a poem entitled ‘Hate’. That’s self-explanatory right there. We know what he looks like now from his friendster profile. Good luck in this life bud, when you come back to Brunei. I bet there are lots of ITB graduates who became air stewards/stewardesses. Better watch your food. heeheehee

  9. Tina July 9, 2007

    I’m sorry, this is just going to cramp up your comment space, but heck; WELL SAID, ROGUE DIPLOMAT!


  10. Would like to spit in ur food. July 9, 2007

    If doubt if this guy is really doing “research for his paper” cuz he’d only have reaction from the younger age group and not include those of parenting age since it was posted on friendster. Either that or this guy is a total wuss.

    Psychtrist? more like psycho-.. maybe he’s was deprived of affection as kid and have something against parents feeling proud of their kids achievements.

    So kalau your parents say that their proud of you graduating from some uni and its the best… we have a right to want to slap them too ? are you sure you graduated kah? it seems like you dont have any manners! unbelievable immature idiot.. maybe all those students graduating from Brunei institutions would now like to spit in ur food & drink.. some do have successful catering and restaurant field you know.

  11. Anonymous July 9, 2007

    I kind of know the guy who commented too and like him, i’m educated overseas too. However, when I first read what yusri wrote, I thought he was really being over especially when commenting said “grateful parents” are stupid. That was really unnecessary.

    From my opinion, at the end of the day it really does not matter whether you are educated overseas or back home. What matters is one’s strength, faith and persistence to name a few. Heck, all over the world sometimes we can even see successful people who do not really come from top universities or such. But because they believe they can do it and ready to work for it, they can!

    Honestly, sometimes i even envy those guys who come from ITB especially those with IT practical skills (especially Photoshop hehehe)

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