Moments at AYF: Movie Screening

0021_NIKON D300__DSC4138 (by SoulJah)

After a bit of shopping directly after our touchdown, and after a bit of familiarization with Singapore’s decidedly awesome MRT system, we were packed into buses for a movie screening at a newly renovated school, named, aptly enough, OldSchool. It’s a great place where, if I recall correctly, artists, musicians, theathrical performers, photographers and the like can call their own, allowing them to use the facilities there to create their masterpieces. The area we were gathering was called the Sinema, where screenings of local movies and film festivals are regularly held. I’ve also heard they do some concerts there once in a while. Hip and trendy place actually.

The movie was titled ‘Journey to Kaabah’Road to Mecca‘, chronicling one man’s journey across land, from Malaysia, all the way to Mecca, to perform the Hajj. While not the best movie ever, I reserved all my opinions to myself, opting not to grab the open mic. I’ll be civil on my first night at AYF.

Anyway, this is our first chance to have most of the delegates in one area, so some delegates took their chances getting to know each other. As I had other programmes ongoing at that time, which was capturing all the happenings, emotions, moments and interactions for a special programme, I kinda laid low for a bit, just so I can snag some stolen moments. But then again, it didn’t stay like that for long…

(To be continued…)

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