Gerai Ramadhan Outing – Gadong pt. 2

_DSC8062 (by SoulJah)
A family enjoys the sunset atmosphere at Gadong Market by the river.

Again taken with the 20 year old lens, 105mm f/2.5. Part and parcel why I chose to shoot Nikon was the extensive number of old lenses that can be mounted on new digital bodies. A heritage stretching back to the first of Nikon’s SLRs, the F mount has not seen any radical changes over the years. At a minimum, any old lens, save a few exotic ones, can be mounted onto any later model cameras. While there’s the Pentax K mount, which can still be mounted on later day model Pentax cameras, or Minolta lenses that can be mounted on the later day Minolta, and by extension, Sony DSLRs, there’s no denying that Nikon lenses are still prized today as they were decades ago, so there’s still a large market of used lenses still available, and the ease to find these gems are getting ridiculous, with the Internet connecting everyone, everywhere. I got this baby in fact from Malaysia, but any number of eBay shops still carry this.

So go out, go to your pawn shops, go check the display cases of your local camera store. They might have a gem in the rough.

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