Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

DSC_8073 (by SoulJah)

Was doing a bit of shooting at Sheraton, which comes up in the next post, and I was driving over to Hua Ho to check out a lens case for my smaller lenses, when I saw the shimmering reflection off of the nation’s most famous landmark, the golden domes of the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. When I stopped by closer to take this photo, I saw other BruneiForever Forum members also taking shots here, as well as various other people taking snapshots of the great mosque. The facelift which had just concluded recently really brought out the splendour of the dome.


  1. Ryu, Dae Jung October 23, 2008

    How high did you have to go to get this shot??? it’s so awesome i’m going to try it out…smhow

  2. SoulJah October 24, 2008

    Not high at all, this was at street level, really close to the railings. Taken with my 50mm no less.

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