Oyoyo Headphones

Oyoyo Headphones
Oyoyo Headphones,
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The best damned headphones I’ve ever had… Well, apart from my other Altec Lansing headphone, but that’s beside the point. While other headphones struggle to make some decent amplitude, these babies pump bass down my ear hole and jam their feet in and won’t let my ear drums up. The bass, the trebles, the sound clarity, oh I’m in love <3 So the story? Got my Nokia 6230 which I’ve been eyeing for so long right, coz it has mp3 playing capability natively, so, me being a music nut can’t help but have this thing stuck in my head all day long. So when I got it, I was kinda disappointed with the silly headset that has those “oh-shit-did-i-snapped-the-wires-clean-off” feeling to the wires leading up to the earpiece. They’re so fiddly and pretty unconvincing in it’s strength to stay on there. And they’re a bitch to put on, having to wrap the wires around my neck etc. And they hurt the dickens when they’re in for too long. So when I found out about this http://www.globetown.net/~nokia40a/earphone/ which I eagerly proceed to look for solderers everywhere that can do this kind of things but all of em were complete wusses when it comes to doing work on a $25 item.

So I got my Filipino friend to work on it and after a couple of revisions, got it to work nicely. So today, I just got me some of these Oyoyo headsets, and lemme tell ya, even if it looks fiddly, this thing packs maximum punch because of Neodynium (yeah, it sounds like some metal that gets inserted into a mutants body all over) drivers. If you want to test out these puppies, just ask and your head shall therefore be blowneth off.

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