Customs Woes

I was overjoyed this morning to get the SMS stating that a card detailing the items for delivery has arrived. While not my most favourite method of getting my items delivered (it’s being sent to the Muara’s post office because there’s the only place that do customs clearance on items) but it means one of two items that I’m eagerly awaiting has arrived, either my Mospeada Legioss kit or my Umbrella + Stand lighting kit.

Knowing that, I finished up what needed to be done at work and figured I’d take the chance to go early off work and head to the post office. Called up the post office (which I had gotten from them from my past dealings with them) and asked if they’re available during lunch. To my dismay, not only are they closing up shop at 11.30am (normal laziness on their part), but they are not operating in the afternoons, due to some fuck-stupid reason; closing accounts.

So if you guys are wondering where the hell your items are during the transit, chances are they are sitting in Muara’s post office, either forgotten they were supposed to be sent out, or due to utter laziness and stupidity, it’s tangled up in some weird red tape.

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