Spiderman 3 Review

To tell you honestly, I wasn’t even feeling excited about this movie. Not that I wasn’t looking forward to it, but knowing that I have piled on heaps of expectation and excitement towards a movie doesn’t pan out very well for me (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy comes to mind). 300, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, even Casino Royale were met with an open and relatively receptive me, so any failure to even meet my expectation was not there.

You’d be forgiven thinking that with Spiderman 2’s relatively action packed nature, you would think Spiderman 3 will be one whole, 2 and a half hour of action sequences. But the thing is, once you’ve seen the whole trailer, you’ve seen all that you needed to see, visual effect’s wise. You are not getting that sense of awe seeing a huge sand person tearing down Manhattan, you are not getting that sense of anxiety when Venom finally appears, you are not getting your eyes treated to all the visual effects that you want to see. Why?

Because you’ve seen it in the trailers, and more importantly, the action sequences are few and far between. Sam Raimi in his infinite wisdom managed to fit three differing stories from all the different point of views, and wholly screwing it all up in the process by not giving equal importance to all the characters. Way too ambitious, but way to ham handed in execution, that you keep egging the movie to move onto the action sequences.

By trying to fit all those story in, you have moments where the movie moves really slowly, with characters lining out all the stuff that needed to be known so Joe Public would get it, so as to not let him become Clueless Halfwit Joe. In all fairness, I could live with that, but what really sets me off is the predictability of all the characters, and the predictability of the story.

I’d be the first one to admit, the action sequences are way cool, acknowledging the fact that animating individual characters of sand and even the way they rendered the symbiotes are no less masterful. And again, they’ve kept the effects in a realistic comic kinda way, with a believable Spidey swinging around looking like a real person. That’s the reason I like the Spiderman movie franchise.

Interspersing these action sequences and inserting stupid dialog, stupid character interactions, a half assed intertwining story, and lame ‘comedic’ sequences getting the Joe and Jane Public laughing is a cop out in my opinion. The only part that got me to utter “Ooh! Cool!” was the part where Stan Lee appeared, when Bruce Campbell made a cameo, and when I thought I saw Denise Richards somewhere.

By all means watch this movie for the sake of not missing this movie, but don’t bring high expectations into it.

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