Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Review


One of the first must watch movies this blockbuster season!

Mighty lofty proclamation, even for me. But hear me out. There’s good reason to catch another chapter of Jack Sparrow’s antics with his, dare I say, beautiful crew, Elizabeth Bennet and to an extent, Will Turner.

If you’ve watched the two previous movies, you get an idea of the whole charm of the Pirates series, sailing the open seas, friends or foes one upping each other in their treachery and deceit, morally grey areas, that sense of rooting for the underdog, and of course being surprised by the twist and turns throughout the whole movie.

And don’t forget that wit and guile that only Jack Sparrow can manage, and you got a recipe for opening weekend success.

It’s status being a trilogy will of course see itself compete with Spiderman 3 in the box office, but seeing how Spidey 3 was quite a flop in the eyes of it’s rabid fans, there’s much more reason to expect that PotC will rake in as much, if not more, than Spidey’s opening weekend earnings.

The action is much more intense, with your eyes being treated to a veritable feast of briney proportions. The death scene of the main baddie in this movie is quite a masterpiece in it’s own right, slow mo effects while everything around him is being disintegrated. Just, wow.

I’m quite anal about noticing the special effects bit to be… “special effects”. If I want to suspend my disbelief, I want it to be suspended without being jerked back into my cynical brain and mutter, “Ooh, polygonal fakery”. Thankfully, the effects in this movie is a labor of love. The scene where the pirate ships amassing for the final battle? It looks like a fleet of rickety old ships. Opting not to focus heavily on the special effects, rather, to focus on the interaction of the characters has always been a staple of the Pirates series.

You will believe that they are a rag tag bunch of misfits, you’ll love every bit of comedic interaction, which is not forced like Tobey Maguire’s tabletop dancing shenanigans. You’ll love the subtle in jokes, you’ll love the not-so-subtle jokes, you’ll love the emotions the characters are portraying to each other. You’ll love this movie. Period.

p/s: Many thanks to the two lovely ladies who accompanied me to the movie.


  1. rose May 24, 2007


    i love d review hehe.. but i dont agree d bit on ‘will turner’… haha i just dont like him *urgh*

  2. War186 May 24, 2007

    I now have high expectations of the movie, thanks to you. So if I’m disappointed I’ll blame you too. Haha kidding. 🙂 Watching it later yay!

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