Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I’ve never been a fan of the Fantastic Four series, comic, cartoon or movie wise, as they’re lower ranked in the top tier of comic book superheroes. Having seen the first movie, I can see why the movie adaptations aren’t the top of most comic book fans wishlist to see this summer season. But for me, it has a rater acceptable level of believability, as you can imagine them living their now newfound celebrity lives in New York.

The main antagonist for this movie is of course, the titular character, the Silver Surfer. Played by Doug Jones, but voiced by Laurence Fishburne, a tall well built silvery being goes around the universe on his silver surf board. Once known as Norrin Radd, he’s forced to serve Galactus as a Herald in order to save his own home planet from destruction. While doing Galactus’ bidding all over the earth, he finally meets the wise cracking team of Fantastic Four and does the noble-change-of-heart things villains would do.

While being a badass in the earlier part of the movie, he exhibits the traits of the Silver Surfer as people know him. A confident, no nonsense, powerful being that can take on the entire Fantastic Four team all by himself, but ultimately foiled in one of those “A-ha! That’s the answer!” pseudo scientific moments. But man, him surfing through the streets, tearing everything apart around him gave me goosebumps all over. It’s the one time where the now obligatory flying-through-crowded-streets-scene l0oks almost realistic. Almost.

But then that’s the only highlight of the movie. If you can conjure up the running time of the movie, it stands at a disappointing 1 hour 30 minutes, which to me is too damn brief to tell any meaningful story that all the older comic book readers would appreciate. I just hate the fact that they have stooped down to the lowest common denominator of the movie going crowd, satiating the segment of people that want movies to end right at the 1 hour 30 minutes mark. The kinds that complain and whine about a 2 to 3 hour long movie. I want my money’s worth, and at that running time, I’m getting gipped on an extra half hour or more storyline, and the fact that they crammed a wonderful trilogy into a compressed Cliff’s Notes on the events in the trilogy.

It’s not a bad story per se, as the comic performance between the Fantastics can be funny at times, but man, another dancing scene in another superhero movies? Does Stan Lee have anything to do with that I wonder? And they had to have another naked Jessica Alba scene just to induce some laughs and some erections.

A good light hearted action romp, and doesn’t take itself too seriously with moral quandaries and philosophical heroes spouting one line too much, you’d hate it that you paid full admission to see a brief, unsatisfying movie, and wished it was half price so you could like it more. It’s like… An Episode of Heroes mixed in with Armageddon and Blue Crush (with the surfings and everything), and you’re halfway there.

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