Why I was so happy yesterday…

Chat transcript:

-my shipment out of hongkong is getting shipped out
-my contact lens solution that’s almost ran out arrived, and got two of those
-i found [edit: my] bluetooth mouse in my brother’s room, somehow i sensed it was there
-and finally my shipment that i thought was lost forever, was finally found, the seller on ebay finally got in contact with me and we sorted that out
-its getting shipped out today

Confused? Here’s the explanation.

-My Graduated ND Filter
-I wear Hard Contacts, so it needs a special solution
-I thought I’ve lost my $89 Logitech Bluetooth Mouse at work, but I found it at home in my brother’s room!
-I got two SB-24 Speedlights from an eBayer, but somehow eBay didn’t pick up the payment from paypal so she thought I had not paid. Tried getting in contact with her, but somehow my messages ends up in Yahoo Mails spam folder, and they’ve had a surgery for the past month. So in any case, she sent off the two Speedlights yesterday! Woohoo! More

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