Black Beauty

Hello, there, beautiful.

After huffing and puffing at QQestore, I finally got it on Thursday, around 7pm. Drove over from home as fast as I could, as careful as I can with squinty eyes from my screwed up contact lenses.


  1. Hearts & Bones December 4, 2007

    WOWZA!!! You got yourself one of those???? *drool* How bout a review then, SOuljah style 🙂

  2. SoulJah December 5, 2007

    A review might take me a while. Way too many little nooks and crannies to fiddle with, and too many settings to keep track of. Maybe at the 6 month mark, then I’d fully know the intricate workings of the thing.

  3. War186 December 5, 2007

    Wow, it is gorgeous. Can’t help but say it even though I don’t know anything about cameras lol. 😀

  4. U n t i t l e d December 10, 2007

    Benccccciiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I’m soooooo full with envy ni! Still Benci! :p

  5. SoulJah December 10, 2007

    War: Hehe 😀

    Null: Haha napa plang benciiii?? I thought only the guys are jealous.

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