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Out in the distance I saw this old lady walking carefully, bare feet, on the slippery pathways of Kg. Ayer, walking along oblivious to my presence with her face hidden in her relatively huge umbrella. This small, old lady was heading to a Surau or Prayer Hall which I just passed a couple of metres behind me. We were about to reach an intersection at which point, 3 young lads were just coming home from a futsal game. She immediately stopped, which I thought was peculiar.

Turns out she was letting the three young lads pass beside her. I figured I didn’t wanna keep her waiting there, so I immediately stepped aside to the intersection where the kids came from to let her through.

At that point, it was kind of humbling to see this little old, frail lady was performing her duty as a Muslim, and even made the effort to go for prayers at the Surau in the rain. I snapped a couple of pictures of that moment, to remind me of her.

Before setting off, I eyed her, just to make sure she reaches the sheltered pathway to the surau, so as to get her feet out of the slippery area.

Man she reminds me of my grandma way too much.


  1. Out Of Focus January 15, 2008

    This is an incredible shot. For a moment there, I thought there was something wrong with this photo. In fact, I still think that there is something wrong with this shot. Great shot man..

  2. SoulJah January 16, 2008

    Thanks. The figure is not something we usually associate with an upright standing person, so the juxtaposition might be a bit jarring to some.

  3. War186 January 18, 2008

    Oh my this is such a sweet post and the picture complements. Sigh. 🙂

  4. pahlawan aku January 23, 2008

    hi souljah, i think your images are amazing, i wonder if u are interested to feature your work on Zul F’s album sleeve..each title of each song u choose your favrit image for it..let me know if you r interested k..take care.

    pahlawan aku

  5. emma January 25, 2008

    nice shot… it reminds me of my grandma too..

    note to author: should blog more 🙂

  6. eZ January 26, 2008

    Hiya, do u have any pics of our booth from the MOF Mesra Pelanggan?

  7. SoulJah January 26, 2008

    eZ: Which booth are you from?

  8. eZ January 26, 2008

    BIFC 🙂

  9. SoulJah January 28, 2008

    Went through the pics I took, but alas, none of the BIFC booth. Sorry. Who’s eZ btw?

  10. eZ January 28, 2008

    The one that sounds like “easily”.

  11. SoulJah January 29, 2008

    Ha… Well she could have ‘easily’ come up to me and say they need a picture of the booth taken 😀

  12. eZ January 29, 2008

    Haha malu to ask but no worries…just thought I’d check if you had any since I saw you shooting that morning. U didn’t take photos of MKII’s visit to each booth?

  13. SoulJah January 29, 2008

    Covered masa the visit to BCMB booth and our booth saja. Sebab sibuk mamam. Heheh.

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