Backlog Update: Consumer and Food Fair at the ICC

NIKON D300_0021_DSC_3253
She’s rather cute.

NIKON D300_0027_DSC_3279
Battling it out on Guitar Hero III.

NIKON D300_0078_DSC_3523 crew showing off Rock Band to an appreciating crowd.

NIKON D300_0103_DSC_3708
The had a huge screen projected with the images of the PES2008 multi-tap match, which was a huge crowd puller.

NIKON D300_0104_DSC_3717
It was as if they were cheering for a real football game. The match ended with an upset of last year’s winners, 5-0.

NIKON D300_0115_DSC_3793
The unassuming winner of the Guitar Hero III tournament.

Many more pictures here.

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