0034_NIKON D300_R5DSC_4553 (by SoulJah)
The New Adidas Predator. Which didn’t actually bestow me with super soccer abilities, but hey, the guy gave me a good price. More here.

Turns out, most of my officemates are Adidas freaks as well. Kick ass.


  1. BoY April 24, 2008

    Ko bali udah??? I was trying to get this pair tapi nada size saja! Hell man… U’ll feel and play better using these boots. hehe

  2. SoulJah April 25, 2008

    Bought them for the RBA vs Bloggers match last month. And yep, I feel and played awesome defending. I bought the last pair at Gil Sports, size 11. Great thing about them is the Wide Fit, so it fits my feet perfectly. Wanted to get the Kaka boots, like my new indoor shoes, but they only have size 10. And it was only a bit cheaper than the Predators, so why not spring for Predators tarus…

  3. BoY April 25, 2008

    Spot on! You can never go wrong with Predators! hahaha. Yang Kaka atu untuk yang handal skit heheh

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