I Mean The Snakes
Awesome, awesome band. Did this shoot after the long day of shooting at Bandar, where I netted my monitor lizard photo. Informed at 5, ready to shoot at 9. Sometimes I’m surprised of my dedication to this art.
Did a shoot for the IMTS guys last night. Afterwards, they rocked out with their latest material. Great stuff.

Strobist Info: 2x SB800 shoot through white umbrella both on the left and right shooting at 1/8, and 1 SB24 clamped behind them on the railing at 1/16. Fired via GI remotes.

Burned some stuff out in CS3. EDIT: Noise Ninja-ed and David Hill-ed as well.


  1. Mrs Nolly May 29, 2008

    Thanks for this! We appreciate you making time for IMTS and taking such fantastic pictures!

  2. allyb June 3, 2008


  3. i sya June 13, 2008

    i love Sunshine by them! loove it love it love it!

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