There is No Charge for Awesomeness! Or Attractiveness!

Kung+Fu+Panda-poster-2766 (by SoulJah)

I was drinking water when a decidedly Jack Black-ian Po the Panda gestured as he had to climb up a seemingly finiteless number of steps towards the Jade Temple, that’s when I had the most terrible choking of my life. And the most rewarding!

This is one movie that everyone might enjoy. The parents who brought their wee lil demon spawns might enjoy a bit of respite watching this movie. I swear, the amount of sudden outburst of laughter might make the popcorn or water a dangerous weapon when propelled out of your nose.

In a decidedly refreshing move, Kung Fu Panda was made with a more mature audience in mind, with Jack Black as the main character Po, and a stellar cast of voice actors that includes Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan of all people, this was not a movie specifically made just for kids. The jokes and comic timing were a bit more clever, and if you loved Jack Blacks other works in the musical and theatrical arena, you might recognize his signature all over the animation.

But let me talk about the 3D animation for a bit. I really liked the stylized animation style, and the gorgeous scenery that the characters interact in. Unlike the cold and plastic looking characters in Shrek, it has The Incredibles feel to it, as in the animation fits the subject matter.

The peach tree scene was really lovely, as the leaves floated among Master Oogway.

At the outset of this post I didn’t wanna ruin any of the big laughs for you, but I figured one out of many is good enough. Watch it with good natured people, and not frumpy ones, and I promise you guys will have a good time. 8/10.

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