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Flag Bearers

0048_NIKON D300_DSC_8379 (by SoulJah)
A flag bearer stands infront of a giant Brunei flag that will be carried into the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien at the start of the National Day celebration.

The reflection off of the flag sets the subject apart nicely out of the background.

National Day 2008 Fireworks Display

0010_NIKON D300_DSC_9580
Couldn’t get much focus blurred shots in, as the show ended abruptly. I was set up with a 70-200 at the outset, but once reality sets in, I had to run back to the car to get my 17-55. And focus blurring with the 17-55 is a real pain in the rear.

More here.

National Day 2008

0171_NIKON D300_DSC_9000
A young lady waves a mini Brunei flag while taking part in the march past at the capital.

I thought last year’s celebration was already huge in terms of the number of photogs descending upon the capital, but here we fielded our own platoon of shooters almost rivalling any other photography organization. Great show guys!

More images here: with more to be featured here soon.

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?

Beatles? Shutterbugtles? Shuttles?
More from the National Day 4×4 Mini Flag Distribution Ceremony and Procession here.

TESL Brunch Affair

NIKON D300_0084_DSC_7176

NIKON D300_0136_DSC_7251

I don’t know, but I think the whole thing seemed like a party for the shutterbugs! Lovely models, which were more than willing to strike a pose. Thanks guys for the invite. You can count on me to cover more of your events!

To the TESLians, please e-mail me for the link, as I have kept your photos in a private area of my Flickr account. E-mail me at nizam [no spaces] rahman [@t] gmail [dawt] com.

I Believe I Can Fly

NIKON D300_0004_DSC_6660

For the TESLians, thank you for the invite. Now the arduous process of uploading all the pictures. Stay tuned.


NIKON D300_0005_DSC_6806
Scenes from the National Day Rehearsal. Almost all the organization taking part have participated in this rehearsal, the last time before the real deal.

NIKON D300_0008_DSC_6809
Had to compress it in, as the shops in the background was too ‘bright’.

NIKON D300_0013_DSC_6818
Reflecting on the day: It was good to see everyone fired up despite the cold weather.

More here.

How I Wasted an Hour of My Life in a Line at Fun Donuts

No Photos Please. Syeah right...

I’ve finally resolved and made up my mind that I will stand in line at Fun Donuts, however long it might be and take home some donuts. I joined behind a guy wearing Cara Melayu, which I guess was a bank worker during the lunch time break and Friday prayers break. In any case I thought I’d presevere and wait out the line.

The first alarm came on in my head seeing the display cabinet that was supposed to display the donuts was empty. I thought maybe they’re doing brisk business, so I guess they sold out all the morning’s lot. I chalked it up as good business, and thought nothing of it.

The second alarm came on seeing they had a lot of boxes at the ready with notes in them, which looked like phone orders coming in and they’re frantically filling those orders. Ok, I thought I might do the same next time, and maybe get their phone number after I got my box of donuts.

Then the series of alarms came up when people had to wait at the counter for the donuts to be done from the frying and the decorating. And even then, after every batch done, they would be snapped up by the other customers in front of me. All of it in some instances. The word I described that act is not fit to print, but hey, they’re entitled to it as they waited in line as well before me.

Then came a couple of people just blatantly ignoring the 15 to 20 strong line and just casually pick up their phone orders. The magnitude of under the breath curses increased, but I reasoned I should’ve done the same.

This was all while I was in line for 10 minutes mind you.

Then came the next fresh batch of donuts. 6 or so, none went into the display cabinet, it all went to the people at the counter and some went to the awaiting boxes denoted for the phone order. This would happen 8 or 9 times during my standing in line. Ok people still have the right to do that, and I even contemplated to do the same, but as I looked to the people behind me, they might think I’d be an asshole, so I figured just spread the wealth and pick whatever is left at the counter, and have one or two of my own choosing.

NIKON D300_0013_DSC_6786

Problem is the counter is still empty, and the ones that are there, was like meh. But it’s ok, at least if I can get some chocolate covered donut fix I’d be fine. Inch by inch, and at last I came to the counter.

Then I think the final wailing siren came on when one of the lady at the counter non chalantly ignores the guy that was right in front of me that ordered some items from the menu. She just nodded for a bit when the guy said his order, loses interest, and sinks down to behind the counter. Odd… I thought…

Then I finally snapped when they stopped all their activities, and one of the cook behind the counter lifted out what looked like the conveyor that cooks the donuts (for a predetermined time) and start tinkering with it. Everyone had a concerend look on their faces, not knowing what to do. I knew something was wrong as I had a direct view of the chaos, and the inactivity, if that makes sense. And then came the request for me to stop taking photos, as if they don’t want the world to know about the debacle.

And all they had to say was “Sorry ah…” and some other things about not taking orders and not knowing when they can start back up again.

I walked off and yelled “F- THIS S#!T!” which I guess startled everyone there, including the ones in line.

Next time you inconsiderate jerk faces want to do a business, do it properly. Hell, if I was a pissed off food safety officer waiting in that line, I’d shut your place down for improper food safety precautions. If I was a pissed off fire marshall, I’d shut your place down because of fire hazard. Hell, if I was a pissed off monkey, I’d fling poo to your premises. But I’m just a pissed off blogger, who demands respect for his time.

Don’t just have one machine to do everything. Good business sense should have a backup plan.

Don’t take orderes from the phone because it alienates and belittles the consumer who’s waiting in line for your product. Good business sense should value its customers, who are ready to pay, right in front of you.

Don’t think you can just make the donuts on the spot for customers. Because evidence shows you don’t have that capacity to do that. Good business sense should know their business capacity.

Don’t think just because you’re (in)famous you can do whatever you want to your customers. Good business sense should know the risk and fickle nature of Bruneian consumers.

I guess you jerk wads don’t have good business sense.

More Pictures from the Bandar Outing

NIKON D300_0037__DSC6025

NIKON D300_0016__DSC5924

As always, more here.

Happy Chinese New Year!

NIKON D300_0038__DSC6281

NIKON D300_0037__DSC6270

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