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NIKON D300_0129__DSC4268
Out in the distance I saw this old lady walking carefully, bare feet, on the slippery pathways of Kg. Ayer, walking along oblivious to my presence with her face hidden in her relatively huge umbrella. This small, old lady was heading to a Surau or Prayer Hall which I just passed a couple of metres behind me. We were about to reach an intersection at which point, 3 young lads were just coming home from a futsal game. She immediately stopped, which I thought was peculiar.

Turns out she was letting the three young lads pass beside her. I figured I didn’t wanna keep her waiting there, so I immediately stepped aside to the intersection where the kids came from to let her through.

At that point, it was kind of humbling to see this little old, frail lady was performing her duty as a Muslim, and even made the effort to go for prayers at the Surau in the rain. I snapped a couple of pictures of that moment, to remind me of her.

Before setting off, I eyed her, just to make sure she reaches the sheltered pathway to the surau, so as to get her feet out of the slippery area.

Man she reminds me of my grandma way too much.

Baby Shower?

NIKON D80_0009_DSC_0176
Lighting Setup for a workmate’s Mandi Belawat.

Strobist info: One SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the left in the frame, one SB-24 at 1/4 at the corner to the right behind the camera at 1/4. Reflected off of the white ceiling and wall.

Another two SB800 was in the area behind me as well, the same diagonal, two cross light, cross room setup. It allows me to move everywhere easily.

I think this shall be my go to lighting set-up from now on.

I’m Shooting in the Rain~ Shooting in the Rain~

Getting ready for Maghrib Prayers
Maybe I should start shooting in the rain more. I love the reflection off of the wooden pathways. Afterall, what’s the use of a weather sealed body if you ain’t gonna use it in the rain?
More here.

A Wink?

NIKON D300_0023__DSC3936
More to come soon. Of other subject matters in and around Kg. Ayer.

Hurtling at the Speed of Light

NIKON D300_0014__DSC1778
Heading home after our Meragang Outing two posts back. Employed Live View here, focusing manually.

Jim747 needs a fricking car wash, btw.


Did a shoot for Lust’s clothing line a while back. They have some great tee’s. Check ’em out at

Happy New Year

NIKON D300_0012__DSC1760-Edit-2
Taken last year, with Jim747 in tow. I practically forced him to shoot here.

CPL stacked with ND grad in front to cut off the bright sunlight. Didn’t cut it off completely though, too bad.

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