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Working through the backlog


Sorry guys, I’m still uploading all my recent pics. Will post all the latest photos soon. But if you can find your way to my Flickr, you will see all the photos that I have uploaded until that point.

I’ve been working on securing a few more models so there will be good chance they will be featured here soon. Keeps your fingers crossed.

Sundown Shoot Model

Honda Civic FD 2.0 iVTEC 4 Door
Honda Civic FD 2.0 iVTEC 4 Door

Wanted to try out something with the 14mm and F60 film camera, but wanted to take some test shots to see the shutter speed and aperture matches. Yeah, I use my 2k DSLR as a light meter. Coz the 14mm won’t meter and focus on the F60. Hey, you gotta use what you have.

BAG at Lynna’s

Current and past employee’s of BAG networks.

Experiments on Silver Halide

Nikon F60 with Sigma 14mm f/3.5 at f/11, hyperfocal distance.

You know what? Maybe they’re on to something with this fisheye + full frame thing.

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One Night at Reeda’s

Nikon D70s with 85mm f/1.4
Mix and Match.

Reeda invited a bunch of the shutterbugs over for some light food, some light drinks, and some heavy, heavy laughter. Present: Me, RezaFaizal and missus, UcingItam and significant other, Jim747, Rano, Airbiscuit, CPS and missus, God’s Gift, Nikonian, Ber, Ahim and the host Reeda and the missus. A whole slew of topics were put on the table, alongside the cameras, lenses, flashes, and various bits and bobs.

Great night.

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Catch ya on the flipside

Classic Ashrin.


0001_DSC_0003Work first, eat later.
0003_DSC_0009Sneaking up on people taking a picture with flash at full blast is fun.
0007_DSC_0026The calm before the storm.
0006_DSC_0018One thing Rezafaizalnever misses is to give an ice cream treat after the main course.
0008_DSC_0031Rano shoots the world.

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I give the readers one chance to guess who took that?

Chasing Sunsets


I was heading out to meet the guys up at the Arch to go to Rano’s open house later that night, and over the hills, up through a man made valley which was carved out for the 4 lane motorway, was this glorious, deep orange sunset, with slivers of silhouettes being thrown out against the trees and whatnot. Right at that moment I knew I wanted to take a picture of it, but problem was there was nowhere to shoot it without needing to go out, which, in retrospect, I should have done to do the shot proper, with tripod and all.

Anyway, I remembered a spot right infront of a newly finished (on the exterior at least) RTB building which has a large open space right in front of it, and there was a bit of road shoulder area which I could just stop and shoot out the window. So I gunned the accelerator, keeping an eye on the sunset, not wanting any glimmer of its glorious colors fading.

I’ve been meaning to shoot from there, and finally it’s fulfilled. I just hope the building opens soon, so I can park within the compounds and not worry about traffice sideswipping me, my car or my lens.

Raya At Rano’s

First the man tries out my 70-200mm on his D40x. (It looks absolutely tiny compared to the lens.

Then the woman tries it.

UcingItam with lady was also with us at the table that night. Just out of frame was our very own Kristal Kids Idol.

Rano sits with us for a bit after meeting and greeting all the other bloggers and visitors that night.

Reeda intently focuses on his BINGO card.

Like father like daughter?

Q and B.

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