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Walk For Life; A Bloggers United Call to Arms

inThe turnout was incredible, seeing how everything was pulled off through the collective known as Bruneian Bloggers. It’s a wonder this online thing, it even surprises this old tech addict sometimes.

A nice and bright sunrise greets the walkers for the morning event, even though there were clouds looming, everyone managed to avoid the midday downpour which ensued a few hours later.

An occasion worthy to drag your friends out of bed of, almost everyone that day didn’t walk alone, that in itself is pretty symbolic if you think about it.

There was some fair time to wait for others to arrive, so why not look around and see who you recognize.

English Premiership clubs has a managerie of teams that sports the colour red as their kits, so no wonder a lot of team club shirts were worn that day.

Some forego reasonable logic, and go all out to show their support, wearing an oversized Red Ribbon for the walk. Others opted for a smaller one handed out by the organizers.

Fitness Zone instructors out to show their support for the event as well, warming up those bodies from the inherent cool air surrounding the field.

Even a auntie warmed up quickly, replete in her Red tudong.

As well as government officials showing their support for the event.

Almost time to release the walkers.

Another one sporting a jersey of their favourite team.

I love this shot for no apparent reason.

A local DJ Zura from Pelangi FM. Which shoots Nikon D70. Also known in the blogging scene as Violet of Violet and Blue.

I don’t know her, but I’d like to get to know her.

As always, the ever knowing Rano from Ranoadidas was there.

Excerpt from Liyana’s blog: “There are 18 people living with HIV/AIDS in Brunei, 30+ reported cases. What do you know about HIV/AIDS? What does your child, your teenager or your neighbour know about it? Everyone is at risk. Everyone.”

This is Liyana by the way. “There is a large proportion of young people who are not concerned about being infected with HIV. A multifaceted approach to HIV/AIDS is prevention. Individuals, peers, families and schools should be more supportive in reducing the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Brunei’s small population.”

Taken from outside the bus, in.



EDIT: Ness from with the Tudong, and DJ Honey aka StrictlyBeautiful, apparently in the middle of an engaging story.



Deleted upon request.


Of course the head honcho, Anakbrunei.



A person who likes Aviators is cool by me.


Rosie from EDIT: Amy on the left, and Maurina from Maurina’s Turquoise and Roses. EDIT: Amy is from Prozac Nation.

70-200mm f/2.8 VR with special guest appearance of the Nikon D200, lovingly in the hands of Airbiscuit from RE:Locate.

The bubbly Liyana was a delight.


Sorry auntie, your picture is last.

To all the bloggers who have their pictures featured here, please do comment so I can put you up in this post.

You can read up more on the Brunei Darussalam’s Aids Council on their website.

EDIT: The rest of the pictures are here.

EDIT2: Added some more links identifying some more of the bloggers.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Review


One of the first must watch movies this blockbuster season!

Mighty lofty proclamation, even for me. But hear me out. There’s good reason to catch another chapter of Jack Sparrow’s antics with his, dare I say, beautiful crew, Elizabeth Bennet and to an extent, Will Turner.

If you’ve watched the two previous movies, you get an idea of the whole charm of the Pirates series, sailing the open seas, friends or foes one upping each other in their treachery and deceit, morally grey areas, that sense of rooting for the underdog, and of course being surprised by the twist and turns throughout the whole movie.

And don’t forget that wit and guile that only Jack Sparrow can manage, and you got a recipe for opening weekend success.

It’s status being a trilogy will of course see itself compete with Spiderman 3 in the box office, but seeing how Spidey 3 was quite a flop in the eyes of it’s rabid fans, there’s much more reason to expect that PotC will rake in as much, if not more, than Spidey’s opening weekend earnings.

The action is much more intense, with your eyes being treated to a veritable feast of briney proportions. The death scene of the main baddie in this movie is quite a masterpiece in it’s own right, slow mo effects while everything around him is being disintegrated. Just, wow.

I’m quite anal about noticing the special effects bit to be… “special effects”. If I want to suspend my disbelief, I want it to be suspended without being jerked back into my cynical brain and mutter, “Ooh, polygonal fakery”. Thankfully, the effects in this movie is a labor of love. The scene where the pirate ships amassing for the final battle? It looks like a fleet of rickety old ships. Opting not to focus heavily on the special effects, rather, to focus on the interaction of the characters has always been a staple of the Pirates series.

You will believe that they are a rag tag bunch of misfits, you’ll love every bit of comedic interaction, which is not forced like Tobey Maguire’s tabletop dancing shenanigans. You’ll love the subtle in jokes, you’ll love the not-so-subtle jokes, you’ll love the emotions the characters are portraying to each other. You’ll love this movie. Period.

p/s: Many thanks to the two lovely ladies who accompanied me to the movie.

Imagine if you will… A Terminator Series…

Enough shivering yet? I saw the trailer for the upcoming series titled “Sarah Connor Chronicles”, and I have to say, I got chills running down my spine.

Take a gander for yourself. Then prepare to shed a tear.

Why I love Flickr pt 1


I can place all my images on a map! Geotagging my images is made easier now that Yahoo has seen fit to update the map a bit. It used to be impossible to zoom in, and all you would get anyway is a mush of pixels. Now that they have a more recent data (well not that recent, the Sungai Akar roundabout hasn’t been built yet by their maps) and a higher resolution at that of Brunei, now I’m able to see what that green mush was that was close to my residence. Turns out it’s a dam. I seriously hadn’t known about that dam until perusing the Flickr maps.

I’m already planning to write in and ask for permission to shoot there in the next few weeks.

Technorati Claims

This is why I didn’t go for the Macro outing yesterday

RX8 vs 350Z

After the FA Cup match, everyone was feeling kinda stupid.

National Softball Championship

DSC_0204 DSC_0205 DSC_0206 DSC_0207

DSC_0223 DSC_0228 DSC_0231

DSC_0253 DSC_0270 DSC_0263_edited

DSC_0350 DSC_0348 DSC_0417 DSC_0371

DSC_0431 DSC_0441 DSC_0454



Only me and AirBiscuit from our contingent covered the games. But of course, Rano was there.

Edit: The Set is at

Business School Bazaar at Yayasan

After the morning breakfast at Jing Chew, a group of us went ahead and covered the Business School Bazaar at the Yayasan Complex, just for something different. I went ahead and tried a hand at Strobist style event photography. It was all fun as UcingItam, AirBiscuit, Jim, Hj. Zul, Ber, Zadm scoured the grounds and took pictures. Pity I’ve sold my 18-135mm kit lens to her, I couldn’t take any really wide angle pictures. So armed with the 50mm, and strobe on a tripod, I tried to do some really nifty things at this hectic carnival. Pity I didn’t notice the sky high ISO 800, that messed up a helluva lot of my shots.

DSC_0031 DSC_0069

DSC_0093 DSC_0098
DSC_0141 DSC_0155_edited
Theses bikes are air brushed by a company called Garage Artz out of Menglait, Gadong. Some more images of the bikes are at Check ’em out.

DSC_0158 DSC_0187

The set is at

A letter from Kulimpapat dot net


Dear Jam,

yes I have not forgotten, but caught up with work and whatnots.. today I must’ve gone to the toilet 17 times in a period of 4 hours (banar), but my interview didn’t even last that long. suprisingly, I knew what to answer my interviewers (sp) but from the video of myself that I saw, I was not sitting still. towards the end of the video, you could even see me bending down to pasang my shoes again. I know. that’s how uncomfy I am with heels

How are you, the boys and the girls? anymore late night to morning activities? hehe. I miss home. It’s been a year kan Jam since I’ve been back? maaaannn.. I really miss getting picked up and my curfew before 12 hahaha!! no really, aku miss. aku miss hang outs sama kamu. satay!!! I miss satay!!! Is that place in Serusop still there, or was that yang di *apa namanya tu ada dkt liangtoon ada soon lee atu bah*. but we always settle for the one yang tambing atu jua kan. EEE aku missss.. I heard most of the gang got good jobs, bought good cars, spent good money (or not!). tunggu aku kamu.. tunggguu.. I’m nearly done with this never ending education, then maybe I can get a good car jua. but that’s gonna take me.. a while.. kali.. and you people are probalby saving up to get married next.

OK Jam I have to sign off. need to find something to eat before going off to work tonight. you and the other peeps there on the other side of the ocean, take care of yourselves, jangan drive laju-laju tawu ku kerita kamu atu build to be fast, use those seat belts – it’s not there just to complete the car package (haven’t kamu missed me yet for that hahahah!!) and last but not least happy birthday Jam!! mudahan panjang umur murah rezeki kan Jam. See kamu soon, hopefully. tell Shren I still remember what he said, to come back in one piece.

Here is a plug for you, the best thing I can give for now ahahahahahaahhahaha.. click click click!!


kinds regards,


Full version of that pic? Here! Hahah lawa faz!



And, oh, something extra.