Monthly Archives: September 2006

I just got me a Nikon D80 baby!

29092006337, originally uploaded by SoulJah.

It cost me an arm, a leg and a kidney, but it’s worth it. Domain is in business.

Now you can access StupidLogic through While I have yet to find a way to point directly to the stupidlogic folder on, so for now, it’ll load in a frameset.

Anyway, small update. I have quit BAG Networks and now working for the ITSS. Or Information Technology and State Stores Department. It is quite a pain though to explain what ITSS is, and it is much more of a pain explaining the difference between ITSS, and ITPSS, the security firm. It’s funny though that lots more people know what ITPSS is than knowing what ITSS is. I guess the big Mall Exhibition they made really made an impression on people.

So yes, I’m in a government job. Boring, but it’s not as nerve wracking as it was in BAG Networks. As I handily explained it to me to my supervisor with my hand gestures, “My stress level here is up to here.”

Today, though, I’m in such a happy mood. My first full on pay check. Makes me think twice about really purchasing the D80.

But there is a couple of nagging problems I need to sort out before then, though, but hopefully, I’ll be able to snag one in time for the festivities.

Speaking of festivities, it’s the fasting month here, so all my daylights free time is spent watching TV, playing Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, completing Yakuza (Ryo Ga Gotoku), and causing mayhem in GTA: San Andreas. Let me tell ya, flying a Jumbo Jet into a building then jumping out with a parachute is morally corrupt of me. Blame the PS2.