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I had the weirdest weekend ever.

It all started inoccuously enough, hanging out at Chill, this popular hangout spot in the middle of Gadong. I wouldn’t have normally accepted to chill out at… Chill, but considering it was Saturday night, I might give it a go. And besides, the guys have been waiting since 4.30 and I only got off at 5.00. Do the usual, hang out, look at ladies passing by. Saw a couple of girls getting ready for the big party that night, getting their hair ‘did’.

Which party you might ask? The party of parties. The big one, where it was rumored that Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and various other artistes. Everywhere was buzzing for the party at Empire, where it was harder to get invites than getting invited to the Playboy Mansion… on a pool party night. I’m not going to divulge who staged it, but it was held at Empire Hotel and Country Club, the only biggest hotel in whole of Brunei.

Anyway. We were not invited. And was pretty much bummed about it. We could’ve, but no, we weren’t. So anyway the plan for the night was to have a solid night of relaxation with shisha (hookah, flavoured tobacco) at Alladin at Jerudong Park, near the whole party thing at Empire and also near another concert celebrating His Majesty’s birthday. So it was safe to say it was pretty packed, much more so than normal days, where a dearth of visitors might lead one to think Jerudong Park was one of those freaky abandoned theme parks so abundant in b-movie horror movies.

Then the first salvo of shit hit the fan. Fandi’s car couldn’t start. Even after jump starting it with my car, and jump starting with a Ford Ranger that parked beside his, it was truly a sign of things to happen. The tow truck came around 8, sent the car to a workshop, then all of us got ready to smoke the night away on the shisha…

We would’ve spent the whole night there if it weren’t for the obnoxiously loud music that the proprietor of the Alladin restaurant decide he would share with the whole of Jerudong. It even led to a nosebleed. Seriously. So the moment he put the obnoxious Crazy Frog Axel F remix, we decided to go somewhere where it doesn’t pop our ear drums.

Regrouped, parked my car at a safe place, then went with the other two in another car to look for anything to waste the night away. First heading was to the stadium, to check if the others were hanging out there; after hanging out there for a bit and exchanging pleasantries, and me calling up all the people I know that are party freaks, I still can’t find a party we could crash. At around 1.3oam, after we left to buy them some soft drink, the cops moved in and cleared the stadium area; where we caught up with the guys back in Gadong.

After the bright spark of idea in our increasingly clouded mind, we went back to Jerudong, Empire specifically, to get a cup of coffee. We arrived at around 2.30 ish, right when the weary party goers were just exiting the party at Empire. First initial reports that the party was not that spectacular after all, what with the promised artistes not showing up and there wasn’t a DJ in sight, I guess the Hollywood theme couldn’t save the party. Can’t polish a turd as they always say.

So anyway, we walked in, wearing nothing fancier than a t-shirt and flip-flops (for me at least), we found out they can’t serve us because of some weird reason. I can’t care to remember what it was though. It must’ve been a sight, three bleary eyed dudes stumbling into the crowd that just got back from the party. Granted there were some hot chicks, the effects of the earlier materials we consumed, makes us unfazed in the gazes of these seemingly hot female species.

So right, no coffee, we were in Jerudong, at Empire no less, dressed much less casually if we can help it.

Right back to square one. So we had to make the trip back to Gadong and have our coffee at Rizqun but once reminded of the astronomical price of room service, we decided to skip that idea and just head to our old stand by, TK. But it was awesome though walking through the Mall at 3.00 am. We could’ve nicked a few stuff from the exhibitions but we decided it wasn’t worth the shit storm that would ensue.

Anyway, after food, our heads became clearer, and it seemed the bed beckons us to come. After sending Fandi home, and after sending me to my car, I decided to commemorate that weird night with this rather long post.

Nikon D80 is finally unveild!

And what a sexy beast it is. Incorporating features from the pro level D200 and D2X while taking a number of cues from the pro-sumer level D50 and D70/D70s, this new 10.2 megapixel shooter is the continuation of the legacy of the quite popular D70 line. Unlike the minor bump in specs from the D70 to D70s, this is a marked upgrade in to the stable of Nikon pro-sumer shooters amidst new competition from Canon, and also the new a (alpha) line of cameras from the merging of Sony’s and Konica Minolta’s division. With a recommended retail price of USD$1,299 (with lens), which translates to roughly BND$2,000, this is looking far more attractive than the almost similarly priced D70s, which stands to BND1,900, and much much more attractive than the BND$3,000 D200. With the mix of high end features and a body slightly smaller and more comfortable in the hands than the D70, it is about damn time Nikon do something to the onslaught of fierce competition.

Look for it in September. I’ll be ready with cash in hand by then.

More in depth previews:

Jack Black in Nacho Libre

Nacho: Chancho, when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room… Just for fun.

When you get the chance to catch it, please do. It’s good lighthearted fun. And who wouldn’t love a lil’ bit o’ Jack Black?

I’m really sorry guys…

I have been neglecting my baby for a couple of months now. It’s the start of August and my last post was sometime in May, and I’m truly sorry for that. Will try to get into the swing of things while updating on the stuff that has happened bit by bit, as there were a lot that had happened since then, so as I remember them I’ll post em up.

World Cup 2006 came and went, and the finale was a bittersweet match. Not that I wanted a better end to Zidane’s career, no, it was because the team that won beat Germany to get there, and they beat the team that I despised the most. Yes, bittersweet.

Explomaths was done and done, and got paid, albeit less than what I expected, but hey at least I got me a new Nokia N80 for all the trouble. I’d take a picture of it… with itself… but it’d be to MySpace-y for me. Link. And as expected, right after I bought it, the price reduced dramatically. At the time of buying, it was BND$1,060 with a 1 GB memory card, but now, it can be found for BND$978 with 128mb memory card.

Met my webmistress finally, for the first time, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean with her, and to my horror, she’s a giggler :p And she finally handed me the Tie/Money Clip that she bought me for my birthday, which is to me, the most awesome invention ever conceived.

Picture taken with Nokia N80, which I’m gushing all over. It already is my main camera, my surfing tool at coffee shops, my MSN messenger tool, my MP3 player, my daily planner and my Google mapper, (now that Brunei can already be ‘seen’ by Google Maps) all in one handy sliding device. And people now understand the amount of silliness that I go through to protect my investment, moving from one hard case to another, to a crystal case, and now, a leather pouch type of thing. Yes, I am that silly.

Oh if you have the chance, (and you live in Brunei) get those Blackadder and Little Britain compilation DVD’s. Comedic genius, and it’s from the British. You just can’t compete with that dry British humor.

Anyway, I’ll have to sign off for now, until next time.